Regulated Industries Success: Mobile App Revolutionizes Laboratory Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency and Sterility

A regulated industries specific mobile app transforms laboratory processes, allowing hands-free interaction with ERP data, bolstering productivity, and ensuring sterility compliance in heavily regulated industries.


A specialized mobile app has transformed a customer's business process workflows, enabling hands-free interaction with centralized ERP data, particularly crucial in regulated industries.


In heavily regulated industries like inventory management in laboratories, strict procedures, such as wearing laboratory gloves, demand the undivided attention of technicians. This presents a challenge for IT systems, as they must seamlessly support operations without intruding into the sterile laboratory environment where space for computer screens is limited. Our customer urgently needed a solution to manage inventory efficiently while maintaining the utmost cleanliness in the laboratory.


A tailored mobile app was crafted to seamlessly guide laboratory technicians through their workflow steps. The app assists by displaying data and procedural instructions on a compact screen, and interaction is primarily through voice commands, with feedback provided audibly and visually on the app screen. This approach minimizes the risk of contaminating laboratory samples.


The mobile app has significantly enhanced business process workflows, enabling hands-free interaction with centralized ERP data. It has streamlined complex laboratory tasks, delivering large volumes of information seamlessly. Increased productivity and improved work quality in the laboratory are among the most significant benefits derived from the use of our mobile app.


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