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  • Power Platform Success: Innovative Racing Team Tames Inventory Management

Power Platform Success: Innovative Racing Team Tames Inventory Management

How the Power Platform augmented D365 Finance and Operations to replace massive Excel spreadsheets to drastically improve critical inventory management


This highly successful and innovative Formula 1 racing team is renowned for pushing the boundaries of racing with cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance.


At any given time, this team has multiple cars with multiple racing schedules. Each car must have the parts it needs at the right location and time, creating an inventory allocation, distribution, and delivery process that is extremely complex. This inventory management function, while pivotal to the team's success, was being managed through massive Excel spreadsheets.


Initially, HSO tackled the challenge of eliminating cumbersome Excel spreadsheets used for stock management. This was accomplished by transitioning to the more efficient D365 Finance and Operations platform. Once this crucial step was completed, we further leveraged Power Apps to create a specialized parts allocation page, enhancing the overall stock management process.


The dynamic combination of D365 and Power Apps proved to be a game-changer for inventory management. It not only efficiently handled complex allocations but also offered a vastly improved user interface. The impact of this solution was substantial, leading to significant time savings and a remarkable reduction in errors in the intricately critical inventory management process.

This process involved managing multiple cars at various races happening simultaneously, necessitating precise coordination to ensure the right parts were allocated to the right race and the right car at precisely the right time. Thanks to the D365/Power combo, this challenging task became more seamless and streamlined, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in the process.

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