Non-Profit Success: Youth-Focused Organization Streamlined Processes for Improved Constituent Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & the Microsoft Power Platform

How the non-profit is unlocking efficiency, personalization, and cost savings, leading to a brighter future


A youth-focused non-profit dedicated to the mission of empowering every child to realize their maximum potential by enhancing education, healthcare, and economic opportunities within their local community.


The youth-focused non-profit was facing several challenges in managing their marketing and event management processes. They were using multiple systems, including Click Dimensions and Cvent, which made their processes disjointed and manual. This not only increased operational costs but also hindered their ability to provide a seamless user experience.


To tackle these obstacles, the non-profit organization joined forces with HSO to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys (formerly recognized as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing) and the Microsoft Power Platform. These solutions provided seamless integration capabilities, optimized event management and marketing workflows, and harnessed automation features through Power Automate, a component of the Power Platform. HSO also constructed a personalized registration gateway utilizing Power Pages from the Power Platform, and incorporated payment processing to centralize their systems and enhance the end-user experience. Additionally, we facilitated supplementary integrations, such as automating social media posts and sending text message confirmations for registrations, all while capitalizing on the inherent integrations and adaptable features of the Dynamics platform.


The collaboration with HSO and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys and the Microsoft Power Platform led to several positive outcomes for the youth-focused non-profit:

  1. Streamlined Processes: The organization now has an end-to-end process for creating events, managing registrations, and tracking progress, all within a centralized platform.

  2. Personalized Communications: The youth-focused non-profit can send personalized content, build segments for specific user groups, and apply conditional logic, improving their outreach efforts.

  3. Cost Savings: By consolidating their systems and leveraging native integrations, the organization reduced licensing and operational costs.

  4. Enhanced User Adoption: HSO's training-focused approach empowered the youth-focused non-profit's technical team to utilize the system effectively, resulting in a redesigned website and the ability to customize use cases and set up future events.

  5. Efficiency and Automation: The organization can now automate social media postings, send text messages for registration confirmations, and extend the Dynamics platform's capabilities as needed.

Key Takeaway

Investing in technology and automation doesn't have to be costly or disruptive. Non-profits can benefit from solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys and the Microsoft Power Platform, which offer prebuilt functionality, seamless integrations, and scalability, tailored to their specific needs. HSO's approach, emphasizing user adoption and engagement, ensures that organizations maximize the value of their technology solutions.

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