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Non-Profit Success: Transforming Project Service Automation

Overcoming automation challenges and improving contractor management through a custom XRM platform integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, leading to enhanced efficiency and seamless operations

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A private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States.


The existing homegrown project service automation tool that handled expenses and invoicing for over 1,300 independent contractor-assessors was on the verge of "shutting down." However, instead of migrating to the cloud immediately, the decision was made to stay on-premise. The organization needed the PSA functionality to be built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was already being used by the internal sales team. They also wanted an easy pathway for future migration to the cloud.


A bespoke XRM platform was developed to manage specific functionalities not available in the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This custom solution aimed to replicate all the project service automation (PSA) features offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Additionally, the XRM platform was integrated with Microsoft GP, Office 365, and a third-party membership management system to ensure seamless data flow and comprehensive business operations.


The platform effectively manages all distinctive features that are not present in the on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, while also mirroring the project service automation (PSA) capabilities offered in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. The solution successfully implemented a brand-new system of record Service, showcasing the impressive capabilities of Dynamics CRM. Notably, contractor management, encompassing scheduling, talent management, and payment processes, has experienced significant improvements.

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