Non-Profit Success: Revolutionizing the Donor Experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

How a globally recognized organization transformed its approach to engagement and impact through strategic digital innovation


A large non-profit organization recognized globally for its comprehensive philanthropic and broadcasting and efforts.


The non-profit embarked on a digital transformation journey, opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) with another partner's assistance. Unfortunately, the migration resulted in an overly customized D365 environment, including over 200 custom entities and plugins. This complexity led to data silos, slow processing times, duplicate records, and a disjointed experience for users and donors alike, preventing the integration of new D365 and Microsoft Power Platform features critical for supporting the organization's strategic focus on account and relationship management. With the urgent need to modernize and appeal to younger demographics through enhanced self-service capabilities, a comprehensive strategy to overhaul its digital systems and processes was imperative.


HSO, known for its digital transformation expertise in the non-profit sector, was brought on board to reorient the organization's digital strategy. This collaboration kicked off with an in-depth assessment, followed by a technical evaluation and the creation of a Portal Proof of Concept (POC) using Microsoft Power Pages.

The strategy devised by HSO encompassed several key components:

  • Technical Assessment and Recommendations: Guiding the non-profit towards realigning its digital processes within the D365 framework, emphasizing a low-code/no-code strategy over extensive customization. This aimed to streamline system and process complexity, facilitating a shift to an account/relationship-centric model.
  • Portal POC Development: Developing an intuitive portal using Microsoft Power Pages to enable self-service and online account management, providing a tangible demonstration of potential enhancements to digital interactions.
  • Strategic Roadmap Creation: Outlining a long-term vision and roadmap to achieve the organization's future-state objectives, integrating considerations around marketing, data, and donor experiences. This roadmap also covered discussions on volunteer management, further AI capabilities with Microsoft AI Builder and Azure AI, and a potential migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Projected Results

The partnership between the non-profit and HSO is anticipated to yield significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Donor Engagement: The transition towards a contact-centric model and the reduction of system complexities are expected to significantly increase donor visibility and engagement.
  • Improved User Experience: The new self-service portal is designed to attract a younger demographic, addressing the challenge of rejuvenating an aging donor base.
  • Future-Proofing the Organization: The strategic roadmap developed by HSO aims to resolve current challenges while preparing the non-profit for future technological advancements and evolving donor expectations.
  • Comprehensive Strategic Enhancement: By leveraging HSO's deep expertise in Microsoft technologies, the non-profit is set to achieve holistic improvements across its digital landscape, enhancing strategic alignment and operational efficiency for enduring success.

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