Non-Profit Success: Organization Providing Opioid Rehabilitation Gets Critical Cloud Hosting Services

A non-profit providing a complete range of opioid treatment for New Yorkers works with HSO for greater infrastructure reliability


This healthcare-focused non-profit provides a complete range of opioid treatment and care for New Yorkers living with chemical dependency issues. Their programs address opioid dependency with proven, clinically-researched methods to help their clients lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.


After being presented with a demonstration of E.I. Care (Electronic Integrated Care), an application developed by Housing Works, a non-profit organization dedicated to HIV/AIDS treatment and advocacy, the healthcare-focused organization decided to adopt the application for their own use. However, in order to implement it, they required Cloud hosting services. The non-profit organization sought a solution that was dependable and backed by Microsoft's SLA guarantees. Additionally, they needed a partner who possessed both expertise in infrastructure technology and a thorough understanding of the unique operations and challenges faced by non-profit organizations.


Housing Works, a longstanding client of HSO, recommended HSO to the organization, expressing confidence in their ability to be an exceptional partner based on their previous collaborations.

HSO implemented a Microsoft Azure infrastructure and hosting services to support the non-profit's newly adopted application. This included a collection of virtual machines, networking capabilities, and managed services, which would be provided on a continuous basis. These services would essentially function as an extension of the organization's IT department, handling the operation and maintenance of the application.


This implementation by HSO ensured a reliable cloud platform that was continuously monitored and managed by experienced technical experts.

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