Non-Profit Success: Modernizing Adoption Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365 & the Microsoft Power Platform

How an established adoption agency is better supporting families with an innovative solution implemented by HSO


A faith-based humanitarian organization and adoption agency dedicated to assisting families with adoption services, including post-adoption support.


The agency encountered substantial difficulties due to an antiquated internal system. Originally designed for the purpose of managing adoption applications, this system had become unwieldy and inefficient over time, necessitating a significant amount of manual effort. Additionally, it was lacking essential task management features.

Given the agency's prominent role in international adoptions, they regularly received a high volume of adoption inquiries from interested families. This entailed evaluating these inquiries, processing applications, and overseeing the intricate adoption procedures. Nevertheless, the current system, plagued by data problems and dependence on outdated databases, found it challenging to cope with the increasing number and complexity of adoption cases.


The HSO team crafted a comprehensive plan to tackle the challenges faced by the adoption agency. They skillfully employed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, customizing its lead management features for adoption purposes. This overhaul involved reclassifying inquiries as leads, applications as opportunities, and family information as either accounts or contacts. Furthermore, the solution covered essential functions such as invoicing, managing family travel, tracking grants, handling camps, and providing post-adoption services.

To enhance family engagement, they developed a user-friendly portal primarily using the Microsoft Power Platform. This portal enables families to inquire about adoptions, submit applications, and request post-adoption services. The system utilized a suite of Microsoft tools, including Power Pages, Power Automate, Power BI (all part of the Power Platform), and SharePoint. As a result, the portal significantly improved data management, automation, and reporting.


After the implementation, the adoption agency experienced significant improvements in its adoption procedures. The new system replaced time-consuming manual tasks with efficient automated processes, leading to streamlined operations. Families now had the opportunity to interact with the agency through an online portal, reducing their reliance on phone calls and emails. Additionally, the solution offered a comprehensive view of family activities, including inquiries, applications, post-adoption services, and more, from a 360-degree perspective. While specific metrics were not disclosed, the adoption agency expressed high satisfaction with the system's customization options and improved efficiency.

The agency successfully transitioned from its outdated system to a modern, efficient, and tailored solution that met its unique adoption processes and requirements. This transformation not only enhanced operational efficiency but also enabled the agency to continue its mission of assisting families with adoption and post-adoption support services.

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