Non-Profit Success: How a Scholarship Program is Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Engagement & Efficiency

A robust ecosystem for scholars and donors through the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Fundraising and Engagement, and Customer Insights, showcases how advanced technology solutions can revolutionize engagement and operational efficiency


A renowned undergraduate merit scholarship program recognized for drawing some of the most exceptional young leaders from across the globe to a top-tier U.S. university. Their reach extends internationally, fostering a community of ambitious individuals dedicated to leading and innovating on a global stage.


The scholarship program faced the dual challenge of enhancing its operational efficiency and improving constituent engagement across its entire ecosystem. They needed an enterprise-wide CRM and marketing solution that could not only keep pace with their expanding services but also provide a seamless and enriched experience for students, alumni, and donors. The existing setup lacked the sophisticated functionality required for advanced student success tracking, alumni engagement, and effective management of fundraising activities.


Build Consulting, a respected technology advisory firm, recommended HSO based on their proven excellence in past projects. HSO's strategy included the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Fundraising and Engagement (part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales), and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (part of Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit).

This robust suite was selected to foster a fully integrated, constituent-centric technology environment. It will empower the scholarship program with a complete view of its constituents, enabling enriched interactions and more effective management of relationships and resources.

Projected Results

The engagement with HSO is projected to deliver transformative outcomes:

  • A unified ecosystem for holistic data management and constituent engagement.
  • Enhanced communication pathways for accurate and prompt information exchange.
  • Elevated staff capacity to manage projects and perform tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Improved service delivery through detailed data segmentation and in-depth analysis.
  • Strategic management of donor relations with streamlined tracking and appreciation of contributions.
  • A scalable and adaptable solution, ensuring long-term support for ongoing digital transformation and growth.

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