Non-Profit Success: How a Global Spiritual Organization is Modernizing Donation Management with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

A non-profit working to unite people and religions all over the world is empowered to more effectively advance their mission with Microsoft and HSO


This non-profit is a global spiritual organization with a mission to cultivate an atmosphere of greater understanding and amicability among the varied peoples and religions of the world.


With a heavy reliance on donations, the organization faced challenges with their outdated Microsoft CRM 2016 on-prem system. The institution aimed to find a new solution that would ensure a seamless transition, enable efficient donation processing, and allow for effective tracking and allocation of funds according to donor preferences.

The non-profit encountered several obstacles with their previous system, including:

  • Inability to track and manage moves management and opportunities within one application
  • Multiple systems for processing donations, requiring manual entry and “double” review
  • Limited reporting on opportunities and pledges to support pipeline management
  • Increased costs and time to maintain a highly customized system
  • Trouble collecting donations digitally


To enhance their capabilities in crucial areas such as customer service and donation processing, the organization recognized the need for a digital transformation. They sought to modernize their systems, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting the flow of revenue. Additionally, they aimed to establish robust mechanisms for tracking and following up on donations, as well as effectively allocating and monitoring the utilization of funds based on donor preferences.

The organization decided to implement Fundraising and Engagement (F&E), powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and part of the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. This tailored solution, designed specifically for non-profits by Microsoft, provides out-of-the-box integrations for payment processing and future portals. The institution found the comprehensive functionality of F&E, which addressed donor, member, and constituent management requirements, particularly appealing. Additionally, with their existing familiarity with Microsoft CRM systems, Fundraising and Engagement being powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales reduced the heavy lift of having to learn a new solution.

The non-profit organization chose HSO to implement Fundraising and Engagement based on several factors: our extensive experience working with non-profits, a recommendation from an external consultant, and the previous successful collaboration between the non-profit and HSO during a ground to cloud migration project.


Despite being in the early stages of their digital transformation journey, this non-profit organization has already experienced the advantages of enhanced functionality, cloud-based accessibility, and the smooth transition of recurring donations facilitated by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. The benefits are powerful:

  • Increased visibility of donor profiles and ability to track core donor data
  • A better understanding of donors, increasing their loyalty and lifetime giving
  • Consolidated systems, which reduce data silos, gaps, and manual processes
  • Ability to drive fundraising decision making based on donor and campaign data
  • Ability to connect more effectively with donors through personalized engagement
  • Increased efficiency due to automated processes
  • Timely, consistent reporting for donations and campaign efforts

With modern technology in place, this non-profit is excited about the prospect of being able to tell donors the story of how their generosity is benefiting those they serve.

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