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  • HSO Public Sector success: South Gloucestershire Council becomes the first UK council to deploy the Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator

HSO Public Sector success: South Gloucestershire Council becomes the first UK council to deploy the Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator

To improve citizen service delivery by reducing reliance on inefficient legacy systems, South Gloucestershire council turned to HSO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) and Power Platform with HSO.

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South Gloucestershire Council faced several challenges that stifled its ability to deliver the best service experience for the communities it served.

Legacy systems impaired its ability to form one version of each citizen, whilst reducing their ability to adopt more modern tools to connect and deliver consistent services across the council. 

The council sought a strong framework to facilitate future technology deployment and connect technology services across the authority.


Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator reduces complexity and increases efficiency in the workplace. Features that Government Accelerator provides include Government-specific data extensions, a customer service portal, fund management, and sample customizable apps for government services. A new framework solution was developed for the South Gloucestershire Council to provide a best-practice approach to implementing technology in local authorities. The accelerator provided the starting foundation on which modules to deploy to manage FOI, DSAR and complaints. 
Dynamics 365 CE is a powerful tool for understanding and communicating with your clients. Through this platform, local governments can track and manage interactions, plan for future customer acquisition, and look out for pain points. As a result, providing more relevant services to its citizens now becomes easier for South Gloucestershire Council.   

Power Platform allows local governments to streamline processes and build applications for various needs. Through this Platform, local governments are able to connect to a wide range of other data sources that help them look out for new opportunities and improvements. As a result of this platform, the council can now effectively manage and deliver modules and satisfy the citizens' needs. 

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We’re excited to be the first council to collaborate with HSO on their Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator. A framework on which we can create a single view of our citizens to deliver seamlessly connected services from across the authority.

Andrew Jones Design, Develop and Transition Manager, South Gloucestershire Council.


In South Gloucestershire council, authority departments operate their systems using a single technology platform and are no longer required to operate in silo, which has helped them immensely as they can now instantly connect modules as the needs arise. This Impact resulted in the council having a much better and quality experience.

A guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator is a solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help government organisations advance their missions in the public sector. 

Read the full guide to understand the what does it do and who is it for.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator

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