HSO Helps Grow the Future of Insurance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

An insurance company leveraged the full power of Microsoft technology to transform ways of working and to improve business performance

For nearly 90 years, a large, Indiana-based insurance company has provided a range of insurance and financial products, from auto and home to farm and crop, to their customers. They pride themselves on broad coverage, low rates, and exceptional customer service, striving to provide affordable, accessible protection their customers can depend on.

The company recently sought a comprehensive overhaul of operations, using Marketing and Sales as the launchpad for growth. They aimed to support that growth by providing sales-focused insights through a mobile solution that provided convenient and secure access to simplified quoting facilities, as well as account nurturing, tracking, and servicing functionality.

The goal was to provide teams with more time to engage with customers while simplifying technology requirements and minimizing the burden of customization on their IT resources. They sought to reduce the dependence on complex integration/replication using back-end platforms by creating an agile and light environment that prioritized data security and AP isolation to protect employees and business data.

Challenges with data, customer insights, and scalability

The company was facing challenges with customer insights and struggled with the extraction of meaningful data from ClickDimensions. They also grappled with scalability concerns across Indiana’s 92 counties, many of which were rural. The decision to transition from on-premises to the cloud reflected a broader IT infrastructure shift, posing issues with connectivity, performance, and data access.

Their on-premises Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) implementation had become overly customized, necessitating a streamlined solution to overcome support and updating burdens. Additionally, while their previous Dynamics partner had excelled in strategic consulting, they fell short on execution, prompting a search for a partner with a strong track record in delivering tangible results.

Solution must-haves

A strategic partner with the technical and industry know-how to get things done

HSO emerged as the preferred partner for the company due to its industry-first understanding and collaborative approach, as HSO could address the company’s pressing need for streamlined processes. With a robust recommendation from Microsoft and a track record of deep industry knowledge, especially in financial services, HSO showcased its proficiency.

HSO's collaborative approach, acting as a trusted advisor rather than just a taker of orders, played a decisive role, while the flexibility and nimbleness they demonstrated were essential in adapting to the evolving needs of the client.

What contributes to HSO’s success in engagements like this one is a unique combination of insurance industry expertise, extensive experience with Microsoft ground-to-cloud transformations, and a collaborative approach—listening to the customer and providing value as a trusted advisor.

Tom Berger VP, Financial Services

The company was using D365 on-premises and wanted to stay with a Microsoft product, so they chose D365 in the cloud. When it came to choosing a partner, HSO, who had already worked with the company on previous engagements, stood out for several reasons, namely their ability to leverage Catalyst funds for envisioning through an “Art of the Possible” engagement, coupled with a recommendation from dedicated Microsoft resource, Amy Zertuche.

HSO also demonstrated an aptitude for bridging the gap between strategic consulting and execution to ensure tangible and successful outcomes, as well as qualities that had already secured a strong, long-term relationship with the insurance company: A collaborative approach, flexibility, and reliability.

Sowing the seeds of transformation

In the ongoing deployment, HSO’s focus has been on implementing D365 Sales, Marketing (now called Customer Insights), and planning for Customer Service. Standout features have included the ground-to-cloud transformation from on-premises, with a focus on proactive insights and automation, particularly in Customer and Sales Insights.

Important elements in this deployment have included the migration of the company’s service team from D365 on-premises to online. This has addressed challenges stemming from dealings with a previous partner while initiating the migration of Sales and Marketing. HSO has cleaned up over-customized implementations, provided API-connected systems, and streamlined key processes, all critical to the success of this project.

The immediate benefits of deployment have included access to new features like AI and Machine Learning, with the imminent retirement of tools like ClickDimensions in favor of D365 Customer Insights for marketing. The chosen solution has also ensured compliance through D365’s advanced security and privacy features, which meet regulatory requirements.

The ongoing deployment has prompted a re-evaluation of business processes, with out-of-the-box Dynamics functionality improvements enabling a more refined approach to marketing. End-user requirements have been met, with an emphasis on continuity with Microsoft, minimal change, marketing upgrade, and mobile capabilities. Finally, Customer Service aims to provide consistent customer experiences.

This project aligns with the insurer’s larger cloud transformation journey, laying the foundation for back-office systems. The initial approach targeted objectives such as minimizing changes to customer service, upgrading marketing, and enhancing sales support for growth, have all been met.

Partnership growth through trust and results

The ongoing partnership between the large insurance provider and HSO is a testament to their robust collaboration and shared vision. HSO’s adept handling of the insurer’s challenges and their focus on Sales, Marketing, and upcoming Customer Service deployment has aligned seamlessly with the insurer’s strategic goals.

As the deployment advances, the insurer looks forward to harnessing Microsoft’s scalable solutions for seamless future growth. HSO’s demonstrated flexibility, agility, and results-oriented approach has positioned them not only as a transformation partner, but as a trusted advisor. This ensures the ongoing success of their digital transformation journey.


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