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How to harness the potential of a new ERP with Weird Fish

Putting the customer at the heart of every change.

HSO's Customer WeirdFish, is a British clothing brand known for its casual style. Established in 1993 in the UK, Weird Fish initially gained popularity for its distinctive T-shirts featuring unique graphics and designs inspired by outdoor and coastal living.

They are on a mission to enhance customer engagement. This means creating a 360-degree omnichannel experience. Their mission is simple: provide a seamless shopping experience across every single channel. The challenge is, that this is only possible with a fit-for-purpose ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365.


“HSO brought the right level of expertise to the project we needed.” – Jon Goodwin, Finance and IT Director, WeirdFish.

“We’re in a transformation phase of becoming a direct to consumer business, focused on delivering a complete eCommerce experience and driving value across all points of engagement.”

John Goodwin Finance and IT Director - WeirdFish

The two most important things to project success

WeirdFish’s Finance and IT Director, John Goodwin, believes there are two critical factors to success when implementing a new ERP system:

  1. People
  2. Data

Building strong relationships within project teams fosters open communication. This unobstructed flow of information equips teams to collaboratively manage challenges and stay focused on their tasks. Successful collaboration across all teams is the cornerstone of project success.

Similarly, data plays a role in success. Any new management system requires uninterrupted data to flow for the generation of valuable insights, which in turn, inform better decision-making. Siloed data, on the other hand, provides only a fragmented view, hindering effective decision-making.

The importance of data to ERP success

Don’t underestimate the importance of data when it comes to your any digital transformation project, especially those where ERP is at the heart of it. Data in the system needs to be clean, accurate and accessible, even before you begin your ERP project.

The importance of people to ERP success

The second critical component to project success is people. And this is a two way street. On one side you have the project team within the organisation. Specialists who understand the make-up of their systems and processes intimately. And then those people in the partner. The technical experts who bring tried and trusted approaches to project implementation.

By combining these two sets of experts – each bringing their own unique sets of values – increases the chance of project success

“HSO brought the right level of expertise to the project we needed.” – Jon Goodwin, Finance and IT Director, WeirdFish.

Customer Case

Weird Fish transforms customer targeting capabilities in the next phase of a digital overhaul

UK lifestyle clothing brand Weird Fish has taken the next step in its digital transformation journey by introducing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to revolutionize its customer targeting strategy

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