HSO Innovation Transforms User Experience for Grünbeck with Microsoft Azure IoT

Data & AI-Based Service Excellence Strategy

Grünbeck, a German company specializing in selling and installing high-quality water filtration systems, faces a challenge due to its products being sold through dealers. As a result, the manufacturer lacks visibility into end-customer usage. To address this issue, HSO Innovation developed an IoT solution and a mobile app. This solution allows users to control their devices and gain insight into their usage. Grünbeck can access customer usage data, enabling them to improve their service and ultimately develop better products.

Grünbeck: A Leading Water Purification Company in Europe

Grünbeck is one of Europe's most successful and reputable companies in the field of water purification. As an independent medium-sized company with an annual turnover of approximately 120 million euros, Grünbeck excels in planning, designing, building, and maintaining technical systems for water treatment in households, trade, and industry. Innovation is highly valued at Grünbeck, as they strive to expand access to water and provide excellent water quality for everyone. Since its establishment, Grünbeck has been a key player and innovator in the field of water purification, evident from their numerous patents. Water is life, and Grünbeck's goal is to enable customers to enjoy water at its best.

Grünbeck has been a customer of HSO since the implementation of AX 3.0. Since then, the company's IT environment has undergone multiple transformations. Grünbeck was already utilizing HSO Innovation's Dynamics Service Management and approached HSO to develop a solution for connecting their new range of water softeners to their business applications through the Internet of Things (IoT).

How the Grünbeck App Works

The ability to gather information directly from end users and provide it back to Grünbeck was one of the key strategic motivations for developing this tool. This data allows the company to further refine product development based on actual usage information.

Grünbeck Maintains Close Contact with End Users

Grünbeck selected HSO Innovation's proposal, based on Microsoft Azure's IoT Hub, for implementation. The core of the project is capturing relevant usage information to continuously improve business processes and products. As HSO has a long-standing partnership with Grünbeck, we were able to efficiently select and integrate the right information with the existing business processes.

One of the common challenges manufacturers face today is the lack of direct contact with end customers due to the involvement of wholesalers and retailers. IoT enables Grünbeck to maintain contact with product users and strengthen the customer relationship.

Immediate service improvement for customers

Grünbeck is currently transitioning from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. However, this has not hindered them from looking ahead and implementing this IoT project in advance. With the help of Dynamics 365 for Sales and an increasing number of connected devices, the initial benefits of Azure IoT for service engineers are already evident. These benefits include the ability to respond faster and perform service tasks more accurately.

Through the cloud-based IoT platform, Grünbeck can offer new, highly personalized services. This is just the first step in the company's transformation of its service offerings to partners and customers. If you would like to learn more about this, schedule an online 1-on-1 inspiration session or contact us directly.

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