Government Success: Transforming Public Service Delivery for a High-Density County

How partnering with HSO to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is improving constituent outcomes


This county, marked by its dense population and the distinction of housing a state capital, stands as a central hub for administrative and public services in its state. With its wide array of departments, it is committed to serving a diverse community, offering everything from social services to housing and urban development.


The county's initial challenge involved the SOS Sexual Violence Services department, which struggled with an outdated case management system. This system was slow, cumbersome, and unable to scale, significantly impeding the department's ability to provide timely and effective support to victims of sexual violence. Additionally, other departments such as Housing Stability and the County Commissioner’s Office were in dire need of technological solutions to manage the increasing volume of constituent interactions, requests, and applications for services and support.


The county's digital transformation began with the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for the SOS Sexual Violence Services department, chosen for its ability to offer a scalable, robust, and user-friendly case management system. The platform's success in enhancing operational efficiency and sensitivity in case handling laid the groundwork for subsequent projects.

HSO was selected to lead this transformation, following Microsoft's recommendation. This choice was based on HSO's extensive experience in deploying Dynamics 365 solutions in the public sector, particularly in environments requiring nuanced case management.

Building on this success, the county extended the Dynamics 365 Customer Service solution to the Housing Stability department, introducing a case management solution designed for tracking cases and constituents applying for grants or low-income housing programs. Plans for a future portal were also laid out to enable constituents to apply for programs online, with backend functionalities for employees to monitor each case from start to finish.

For the County Commissioner’s Office, the focus was on overcoming the inefficiency of managing communications — including phone calls, emails, and in-person visits — manually on paper. The solution provided a system to track these interactions and constituent information effectively, allowing for the segregation of data and duties. This was particularly important for managing the information flow between the commissioners and their officers, ensuring that data could be shared securely and appropriately.

These expansions are part of the county's broader initiative to implement a county-wide CRM system, aiming to streamline operations and enhance service delivery across all departments. The move towards Dynamics 365 Customer Service, supported by HSO's expertise, marks a significant step in the county's commitment to improving public services through digital transformation.

Projected Results

The county anticipates that the expanded use of Microsoft Dynamics 365, guided by HSO's proven expertise, will lead to substantial improvements in service delivery. Expected outcomes include faster response times to constituent inquiries, streamlined application processes for housing and grants, and more effective management of constituent interactions. This initiative underscores the county's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance public service delivery, setting a benchmark for digital transformation in the public sector.

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