Government Success: State Department of Revenue Partners with HSO for a Major Process Modernization with an Innovative Microsoft Power Platform Solution

Learn how cutting-edge automation is transforming tax form processing for a large government municipality


This state Department of Revenue is entrusted with the responsibility of gathering taxes, managing licenses, upholding tax collection laws, and equitably allocating all state taxes. Their core mission is to establish a tax system that is both fair and efficient, thereby fostering economic growth within the state. Through its administration of the state's revenue statutes, the Department of Revenue contributes to funding various government services.


The state Department of Revenue faced challenges with a manual and cumbersome process for submitting and processing numerous tax forms required from vendors engaging with the state. The process lacked standardization and automation, resulting in inefficiencies and inconsistencies. Previous attempts at modernizing this process had not succeeded. With a looming deadline for vendors to start submitting tax forms, there was an urgent need for a streamlined solution.


To address these challenges, the Department of Revenue sought to standardize and automate the tax form submission process. They envisioned a solution that would process forms, validate data elements, and provide automated notifications to vendors, keeping them informed about the progress of their submissions. Building upon a strong rapport with the Microsoft team, the Department decided to collaborate with HSO.

HSO's Application Platform team developed an innovative solution for processing vendor tax documents with the Microsoft Power Platform. This unique solution employs barcode scanning technology to read tax forms submitted via email attachments, eliminating the need for manual downloads. The extracted data is automatically recorded, allowing for efficient review, updates, validation, and error notification to vendors. This automated approach drastically reduces the manual workload, cuts costs, and saves valuable time.

HSO's unique Power Platform delivery framework enabled the timely and cost-effective execution of the project, ensuring successful delivery within a tight deadline, ready for the new tax year.

Projected Results

The implementation of this solution is set to transform the Department of Revenue's tax form processing, leading to substantial savings in both costs and time. Thousands of person-hours will be redirected from manual tasks to more valuable endeavors. With the expedited implementation timeline, the new processes will be operational by the upcoming tax year. Automated validation processing and error notifications will enhance accuracy and user satisfaction.

HSO's Delivery Framework Methodology for Power Platform

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