Government Success: Overcoming Challenges in Modernizing Citizen Services for a State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Learn how a strategic collaboration with HSO is transforming citizen services


This state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is a government agency responsible for promoting agriculture, ensuring food safety, protecting the environment, and safeguarding consumer interests. The department handles vital consumer services and interactions, making it a pivotal point for citizens and other state agencies.


The department confronted a series of complex challenges that significantly impacted its service delivery:

  • Manual and Inefficient Processes: The department's reliance on manual, paper-based procedures contributed to inefficiencies and service delays, hampering operational effectiveness.
  • Outdated Legacy Systems: Legacy systems and databases, coupled with the remnants of the unsuccessful implementation, created a complex technology landscape that hindered data integration and accessibility.
  • Data Fragmentation: The absence of a unified data repository obstructed a comprehensive view of citizens, impeding the ability to offer personalized services and address their needs effectively.
  • Failed Previous Implementation: A prior initiative to modernize operations with a different Microsoft partner had failed to meet expectations. This setback resulted in delays, lost resources, and left the department with unresolved technological challenges.


In response to these multifaceted issues, the department embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with HSO:

  • Strategic Microsoft Expertise: Leveraging their existing Microsoft technology foundation, the department opted to deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Power Apps to revamp operations and citizen services.
  • HSO's Collaborative Approach: Recognized for their proficiency in Microsoft technologies and government projects, HSO was selected to guide the revitalization effort and rectify the previous implementation's shortcomings.
  • Swift Assessment and Execution: HSO promptly assessed the requirements, formulated a roadmap, and successfully completed the development, testing, and deployment of three pivotal apps that had been stalled.
  • Data Harmonization: Collaborating with the department's adept IT team, HSO devised a comprehensive strategy for data integration and devised a roadmap for the development of additional applications, ensuring a coherent and scalable modernization journey.

Projected Results

The collaborative efforts between the department and HSO are anticipated to yield substantial outcomes:

  • Process Streamlining: Automated workflows will replace manual procedures, reducing delays and optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Data Insights: Integration of data sources and systems will provide a holistic citizen view, enabling tailored and informed service provision.
  • Enhanced Citizen Interaction: With refined processes and unified data, citizens will experience seamless and responsive interactions with the department.
  • Immediate Cost Savings: The new solution eliminates the need for Salesforce licenses, resulting in direct cost savings for the department.
  • Sustainable Modernization: The roadmap crafted in collaboration with HSO will enable ongoing modernization, allowing the department to expand app development and ensure continued enhancements in citizen services.

By harnessing this strategic alliance and technology-driven approach, the state's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is poised to revolutionize its operations, delivering improved citizen services while effectively fulfilling its mission.

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