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  • Government Success: An international airport looks to Microsoft and HSO to become an approved COVID-19 vaccination provider within just 3 weeks

Government Success: An International Airport Becomes a COVID-19 Vaccination Provider

HSO and Microsoft helped this airport, shut down by COVID-19, pivot in just 3 weeks to become an approved vaccination provider

Company Overview

This international airport is one of the largest in the US, generating $6.4M/hour for the region. When the COVID pandemic hit, the airport was forced close for 2 hours for deep cleaning every time a positive COVID case was reported, resulting in a loss $12.8M several times per month.

The airport made the decision to become an approved COVID-19 vaccination provider and needed a vaccine registration and administration solution for COVID-19 for use by its employee base of 60,000.


The airport management turned to the Microsoft Power Platform for a vaccine solution and selected HSO to assist with implementing and deploying the software quickly, efficiently, and reliably and be at the ready to quickly make enhancements as needed.

The solution was configured, implemented, and deployed in just 3 weeks and included a public portal that provided each employee the ability to register and schedule vaccination, a front-line worker app used on a mobile device that offered drive-through, “no touch” data capture at each vaccine location, and a management app used via a client browser to provide insights into vaccination data.

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