Government Success: A Large County's Department of Social Services Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Improve the Efficiency of their System

System integration with a modern CRM helped departments communicate with each other, reducing duplication of work and potential for errors


The department of social services of one of the largest counties in its state, providing both the County and one of its cities with benefits and services to over 400,000 citizens.


This county’s systems did not have the capability to communicate with each other, forcing the duplication of work and potential for errors. Payment processing was slow and error-prone, and they often depended on consultants for system modifications.


HSO replaced the mainframe and built out integrations between Social Services Processing System in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and existing systems that process county and state-originated payments and checks, then centralized all social services payment processing within Dynamics CRM. This laid the groundwork for an enterprise-wide application platform – using best practices in deployments, governance, CRM design, and a security model.


Processing has been streamlined significantly, and the new system allows for rapid development on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform that county IT staff can manage in house, saving time and money. The platform will grow and adapt to changing needs, as well as expansion into multiple implementations throughout the county.

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