How do you manage leads that do not come through conventional channels?

To manage sales leads and pipelines, a good systems and meticulous upkeep is required. However, the challenge is not just about having the right foundations to collect, store and manage leads. With leads sometimes coming into the company in less conventional ways, a less convertional solution needs to be adopted to collect them. This is where HSO was able to work with a global market leader in Air Technology Systems. Together we were able to create something new using the Microsoft Power Platform, tailored to collect leads from the fields while incentivising its use.

The Challenge

Our client is a global market leader in Air Technology Systems, delivering solutions such as air filtration systems, data center cooling and air conditioning. As a state-of-the-art company they also want seamless solutions at every level of their business. They wanted to find an innovative approach to collecting sales data that would give them a competitive edge in generating high quality sales leads.

Having noticed that high quality sales information was being generated from areas of the business outside of the core sales team, they wanted to find a way to effectively capture this data. They had already built their own proto app for use in their UK market but found some key limitations with this technology including: scalability, integration to their wider network and encouraging user adoption. This is where HSO came in.

The Solution

Using existing Microsoft licenses HSO built a scalable app that would funnel sales leads from teams outside of the sales department straight to sales, along with important collateral such as customer information, pictures. As with any international business a key consideration was that the app would be easy to roll out across the different countries they operate in. First implemented in the UK, the app is now being taken to France, Austria and Germany in the next phase of the roll out. In each geo it will reflect the local language and currency.

The next key consideration was that the app would be up and working quickly, but that it would also be future-proof, eventually slotting into the roll-out a new global system. With PowerApps it is possible to take an accelerated and agile approach. With continual communication throughout the process, HSO were able to build and tweak the app to meet exact needs of the client.

The final consideration is one that can often be overlooked. And that is user adoption. This is where HSO were able to have a bit of fun. By gamifying the app, users are encouraged to log information through team-leaderboards grouped by region. The idea behind this is not only to make it fun, but also to increase the amount of high-quality information that is input and to keep the team alert to spotting new leads.

This process highlights a key benefit of using Power Apps. Unlike the process of implementing a new sales system, apps can be targeted to the needs of one team. This means fewer heads need to be in the room in consultation as configuration issues for other teams do not need to be considered.

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