Financial Services Success: Overcoming Go-live vs Launch Confusion with Change Management 

A Change Management Success Story by HSO

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HSO's financial institution client encountered confusion between go-live and launch during their CRM implementation project. This confusion posed potential challenges for change management and readiness, potentially leading to low adoption rates and resistance to the new system.


  • Clarified terminology and objectives: Clearly differentiated go-live (technical readiness) and launch (comprehensive adoption strategy), ensuring a shared understanding of their distinct roles.
  • Stakeholder engagement and communication: Engaged stakeholders at all levels, fostering ownership and commitment, and developed a tailored communication plan to convey the purpose and benefits of the CRM system effectively.
  • End-user readiness and training: Conducted thorough assessments of end-user readiness, addressed potential barriers, and provided targeted training programs and user guides tailored to their specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Change champions and support: Established a network of change champions within the client's organization to advocate for the CRM system, provide ongoing support, and created dedicated channels for end-users to seek assistance and share feedback.


  • Clear understanding: The client gained a clear understanding of the distinction between go-live and launch, aligning their expectations and project objectives accordingly.
  • Enhanced end-user adoption: Through targeted communication and comprehensive training, HSO ensured higher adoption rates, reduced resistance, and increased confidence in the CRM system.
  • Smooth transition: By effectively managing the change process, HSO enabled a seamless transition for employees, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a positive user experience.
  • Successful system launch: The comprehensive launch strategy, supported by change champions and ongoing support, resulted in successful system adoption, improved customer relationship management, and operational efficiency for the financial institution.

By employing these solutions, HSO successfully addressed the confusion between go-live and launch, resulting in a smooth CRM implementation, high end-user adoption, and a successful system launch for the financial institution.

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