BUVA: "Improving and Innovating Processes with Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations"

Migration to Dynamics 365 F&O and Process Standardization

In 2020, BUVA homecare systems chose HSO for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. The BUVA-HSO project team is now fully engaged in the process. BUVA has set up a completely COVID-proof project space because for a project with such significant impacts on processes, effective coordination and personal communication are essential.

Mariska Aarts, CFO at BUVA, and Jan Kees Hage, Program Manager, discuss the reasons behind this modernization project, the selection process, and the expectations and challenges awaiting the project team.

The Need for Process Improvement

Over time, it became increasingly clear that AX 2009 needed to be replaced. Mariska explains, "We want to innovate and improve our internal processes, but AX 2009, with all the customization we have on it, hinders us from upgrading and innovating. If we wanted to make a small adjustment, it required a chain of modifications.

When we implemented AX 2009, customization was more or less the norm. Now, standardization is the guiding principle. Once we transition to a modern, cloud-based platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can leverage our associated applications much more effectively, such as eCon, Medius, and Sana. Additionally, we will be able to offer other service models, such as subscriptions, and integrate IoT applications more quickly."

Standardization is Now the Norm

"We want to innovate and improve our internal processes, but AX 2009 hinders us. Once we transition to a modern, cloud-based platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365, with standardization as the norm, we can make adjustments more easily and leverage our associated applications better."

- Mariska Aarts, CFO at Buva

That's Why BUVA Chose Microsoft Dynamics Finance

During the selection process, BUVA considered both Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Ultimately, Finance & Operations emerged as the best option. Mariska explains, "At BUVA, our focus is not solely on products but on complete concepts. Each concept encompasses a wide range of products and services, which entails a variety of processes and required functionalities within the ERP system. We have products in stock that go directly to the customer, but we also develop and deliver customer-specific products. These require different logistics processes, delivery, and service. Furthermore, we serve various types of customers, including project-based clients and customers in the industry who incorporate our products into their own production environment."

Jan Kees adds, "In terms of the company's size, we fall somewhere between both applications. However, considering the complexity of our processes and the functionality we need, it quickly became evident that Finance and Operations is a better fit. Moreover, Finance and Operations offers the advantage of continuous development and expanding and improving functionality."

Innovative selection process

Jan Kees explains the selection process, which BUVA approached in a refreshing manner: "We deliberately opted for a less traditional approach. The first step was a central briefing, where we presented to all the parties we had invited. Then, the potential partners had the opportunity to present themselves. After that, we asked two F&O partners, including HSO, to conduct a scoping study and based on that, submit a proposal. In the end, we chose HSO." Mariska adds, "We found that HSO stood out in terms of structure and took a proactive approach. Their experience in the industry was also a significant advantage for us."

Jan Kees: "During the selection process, we consciously decided not to predefine a list of requirements ourselves. We wanted our partner to investigate and determine the best solution and approach for us and then convince us. It was important for us to know: what does the standard offer, and can it meet our needs sufficiently? We also expect HSO to be proactive during the project. What are the best practices, and how can they work for us? It's quite exciting and new for both us and HSO!"

We wanted our partner to investigate and determine the best solution and approach for us and then convince us.

Jan Kees Hage Program Manager at BUVA

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COVID-Proof Project Space with BUVA VitalAir

In addition to being the program manager, Jan Kees also oversees the change management process associated with this project. Implementing a new ERP system always demands a lot from an organization. In this case, due to the objective of utilizing standard processes in F&O as much as possible, an integrated approach, including thorough change management, is of great importance.

Jan Kees notes, "This project places significant demands on the organization, but the employees are highly motivated. Everyone is eager for innovation. We have observed that the transition to F&O is relatively smooth within our team because employees were already accustomed to working with AX 2009. That helps. While consultants often progress faster than the customer in general, it's almost the opposite in our case."

However, the project requires extensive coordination. Jan Kees explains, "We have many multidisciplinary meetings because we are reconfiguring numerous processes, and many details come into play. Sometimes, we simply need to gather around the whiteboard and collaborate."

"We have set up a COVID-proof project space for this project, where we can maintain sufficient distance. And, of course, this space is equipped with BUVA VitalAir, our latest product. The VitalAir is a portable plug-and-play air purifier that removes aerosols, pollen, odors, and bacteria from the air. We believe the VitalAir can help many more companies during this period."

About BUVA

BUVA homecare systems is a supplier to the housing market, providing sustainably produced heat, healthy indoor air, and secure windows and doors. The company aims to take significant steps in renewing its application landscape and standardizing processes, thereby achieving better service delivery, creating a modern work environment, and being able to work and make decisions based on data much more effectively.

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