Unified Aftersales and Services contribute to BDR Thermea’s global mission

Deliver sustainable, smart indoor solutions with significantly more efficiency with D365 Field Service and HSO Advanced Field Service

One process, one system and one dataset

BDR Thermea Group develops and delivers innovative products and services for a warm and comfortable home. From residential heat pumps and boilers, to advanced systems for commercial buildings. Internationally known brands such as Baxi, De Dietrich, Remeha, Brötje, Chappée and Baymak are part of the BDR Thermea Group. The company, headquartered in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, employs over 7,000 people worldwide. With a turnover of 2.3 billion euros in 2023, it is one of the largest players in its industry worldwide.

To realize its mission of bring a sustainable future closer with smart indoor climate solution to its customers worldwide, BDR Thermea launched the Streamline program. Streamline’s objective is to simplify, standardize and improve business processes in all domains, and to create an efficient and effective global way of working. Harmonizing and connecting business processes with IT is at the heart of the program. This will reduce complexity and costs and eventually deliver better solutions to customers.

Jan Bijsterbosch is Manager Center of Excellence CRM, Internet and BI at BDR Thermea. Jan: “In the Center of Excellence I work with my team to deliver one process, one system and one dataset for all customer-process related domains for all our geos, including Marketing, Sales and Aftersales & Service.”

Initially, BDR Thermea asked HSO to implement Dynamics 365 Field Service, including our best-practices and Advanced Field Service Solution, covering the aftersales and service processes. Over the course of the project, HSO became the partner for all customer-process related IT applications.

Customer focused, real-time insights and improved systems capability

What does the Aftersales and Services domain behold? Jan: “Imagine being in your home, in winter, with a broken boiler, freezing on the couch… What our customers want most, is to be warm, with the boiler being fixed quickly. That’s exactly what we aim to do with our Aftersales and Services. This domain captures the journey of a customer who asks for help, has a problem or a complaint. Our objective is to solve all problems as soon as possible in a competent and satisfying manner and, where possible, selling additional service solutions.”

BDR Thermea found that with the old systems, the service agents could not offer the best service, due to a lack of capabilities and data. Jan: “Together with HSO, we designed the blueprint for one global process and one way of working. By optimizing and harmonizing processes and with the new Field Service application, customer service teams can rely on one source of customer data. That makes the life of the service agents a lot easier.In short, the teams are able to make faster and more accurate decisions, which will increase customer satisfaction. Over the long run, the improved insights will lead to predicting errors, meaning we can fix a problem, even before it occurs.”

Promising business benefits

Jan: “We started implementing the new Aftersales and Services process and applications in Italy and France, followed by short periods of hyper care and kernel improvements. We will now continue with Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany."

60% efficiency increase in the back office

"What we have seen so far in business benefits is very promising. Before this project a customer existed 27 times in our systems. But now the customer exists only once, in our CRM system, which means we have one source of the truth. The new system enables us to create maintenance work orders automatically for a significant amount of turnover.

The efficiency increase in our back office is no less than 60%. Automated resource scheduling helps us to plan 15% more visits by field engineers and it helps us to optimize the efficiency of routes. We also benefit a lot from the automated van-to-van stock transfers and van stock counts, enabled by the interface between Field Service Management and ERP.”

Go step by step and make sure there is clear business ownership

BDR Thermea is confident in the continued roll-out of the Aftersales and Service program, together with HSO. And although a lot of work still needs to be done, Jan already has several learnings he likes to share. “First of all, take one step at the time. Don’t try to go too fast or take on too much at the same time. Second, it’s important to carefully manage the template and scope of the project, by continuously involving and managing stakeholders.

I chose to implement an agile way of working, using Azure DevOps, in the whole organization. This means that the business is in the lead when it comes to developing new functionality, resulting in a clear strategy and roadmap for the next 1-2 years. Having someone in the business that owns the global domain, in this case field service, is critical for me to be able to deliver the right, standardized IT solution. And last but not least, ensure a good atmosphere and invest in the team, which for sure will lead to better results.”

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