94 years of innovating breakfasts with Weetabix

Weetabix, one of the UK's best-known and best-loved brands, moves from AX 2012 to Microsoft Cloud to support future growth.

Weetabix bowl

Founded in the United Kingdom in the 1920s, Weetabix, one of the UK's best-known and best-loved brands, is familiar with the need to innovate to thrive. This mantra has underpinned its growth over 94 years.

Weetabix is a breakfast cereal brand known for its hearty, whole grain biscuits. Over the years, Weetabix has expanded its product line to include variations to best suit different tastes and preferences.

As part of its latest iteration of change, Weetabix sought to update its core ERP system, AX 2012 to Microsoft Cloud, a platform that would provide the stability needed to support future growth.


“If we can provide the systems processes and tools for people then the world's our oyster.”

The Key for Weetabix’s Head of People and Digital, Stuart Branch, is that by implementing the new stable systems, Weetabix staff will be empowered to continue its success.

The case for change

With Microsoft embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities within its core Dynamics 365 platforms, the opportunity to capitalise on advanced technology, for Weetabix’s Head of People and Digital, Stuart Branch, was too good to miss, “When it comes to Microsoft technology, I'm most excited with their investment in AI, and how its becoming embedded into all of their platforms.”

Connecting the innovation dots

Weetabix’s Stuart Branch believes AI is going to change the world. And that, in short order, it will resemble the transition from dial up internet to broadband, or the move from fixed desk PCs and servers to laptops and cloud computing. “You can see the way digital transformation is happening and how the integrated nature of data coming together is enabling organisations to learn, speed up and become more effective with the resources they have available to them.”

Good technology requires good people

Growth and evolution leads to inevitable growing pains because change can be disruptive. For this reason, when embracing new technology and ensuring its adoption, it’s essential to have the right people supporting change. Thankfully, for Weetabix, this is something of a known quantity.

“The future of Weetabix is exciting because we have fantastic people. People who have proven for 94 years now their ability to evolve, develop and continuously make this a great brand, a great product, and a great place to work.”

Stuart Branch from Weetabix
Stuart Branch Head of People and Digital - Weetabix

Serving up great breakfast with Microsoft technology

With the right people in place, underpinned by new Microsoft technology, it is easier to meet customer needs. It's also easier to build a more in-depth understanding of the business, helping guide decision-making.

John Petre, Weetabix’ Supply Chain, Procurement & Technical Director, explains how Microsoft technology is helping Weetabix continue to meet their customer needs, and build towards a more sustainable future.

"Through the process of this change we're understanding our own business better, and what we want to get out of the implementation - it's not just a technology project."

John Petre Weetabix
John Petre Supply Chain, Procurement & Technical Director - Weetabix

The importance of choosing the right Microsoft partner

Supporting any major technology change is not easy. And it’s often disruptive. Weetabix knew finding the right partner to help guide their transformation was important. From Weetabix’s Stuart Branch perspective, the cultural fit was essential, yet equally so is the freedom to challenge and push boundaries to ensure the new system delivers the most value. “Our relationship has had good friction at times, as it should, but this never detracts from the mutual respect we have for each other, built around a nice blend of cultures.”

The key for Branch is that by implementing the new stable systems, Weetabix staff will be empowered to continue its success. “If we can provide the systems processes and tools for people then the world's our oyster.”

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