Constituent Management Solutions for Non-Profits

Maximize your relationships with donors, volunteers, and participants to secure their confidence and ongoing support

Unlike other companies and organizations, non-profits rely heavily on the generosity of those who support them.

From big corporate sponsors to individual event volunteers, every single person or organization who provides support, whether through time or money, plays an important role in your ability to advance your mission. Even more pressure is added because other non-profits are competing for those volunteers and donors.

Therefore, it is important for you to be able to establish and maintain a positive relationship while ensuring your organization is benefiting from its generosity in every way possible. This can be a challenge with the constituent management technology—or lack of it—non-profits typically have at their disposal. Different departments using spreadsheets, email, and even outdated contact management systems just don’t cut it.

Without comprehensive constituent management, you can’t see key information in a single, centralized location, which means you cannot effectively engage with your constituents. This could result in miscommunication like leaving a crucial donor, volunteer, or participant off a list or alienating someone by contacting them multiple times for a donation—which often occurs with siloed information. In short, you could miss opportunities, and worse, lose loyal donors, volunteers, or people who can benefit from your services.

HSO’s solutions for constituent management are built on an integrated framework, powered by Microsoft’s proven technology:

Solutions that provide a 360-degree view of anyone who interacts with your non-profit

Powered by Microsoft technology and implemented by a global, award-winning partner, HSO’s solutions for constituent management provide you with a single, unified system that enables you to fully manage your constituents and the activities surrounding them, ensuring you have easy access to all the right data at all times to communicate and interact with them in the right way—and on a more personal level—so you are always taking the right action proactively.

You can track profiles and key relationships for individuals, households, and organizations—a true, 360-degree view of everyone who interacts with your non-profit, including:

  • Complete profiles with biographical details
  • Contact information, including emergency contacts
  • Likes, interests, talents, and experience
  • Relationships within your non-profit and with other organizations and programs
  • Employment and education history
  • Donations
  • Communication methods
  • Activities, including event attendance and volunteer activities, as well as number of hours volunteered
  • Membership status (have dues been paid?)
  • Progress of participants in your programs, including outcomes

HSO’s Constituent Management empowers your non-profit to:

  • 1

    Match volunteers with specific needs rather than issuing a general request for warm bodies

  • 2

    Quickly identify your most active volunteers or top donors so you can reach out personally and thank them for their support

  • 3

    Have complete confidence that every single volunteer or donor, regardless of what they’ve done or how much they’ve given, is being connected with on a regular, reasonable basis so that they know what they’re doing counts but they’re not being burned out by too many requests for their time or money

  • 4

    Involve your participants in events and activities, so that they feel valued for what they can contribute to the organization that is assisting them

  • 5

    More effectively report on case outcomes to support fundraising and grant efforts

  • 6

    Get any information you need regardless of physical location—without having to dig through files and charts

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