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Plan for Microsoft One Version updates weeks ahead of schedule

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We know that being on the most up-to-date version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your business with a competitive advantage, due to the innovations it delivers for ever-changing customer demands. However, the
fast-paced cadence release service does pose a challenge. Managing the risk, due to the limited time between general availability of an update and its delivery into production, means testing time is at a premium and can be a huge drain on an organisation‘s resources.

Take Microsoft Dynamics 365 One Version to the next level

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform customers can choose to carry out the One Version updates themselves, or they may select to use the HSO Foundation Services Team to deliver, because we have the economies of scale and standardised process that come from doing Cadence updates for many customers.

In addition, because HSO cover many solution providers across our customer base, we also have the experience and processes to handle multiple 3rd party solutions (ISV’s), and their respective processes for providing update notes, packages and deployment steps.

No other Microsoft Partner has a division exclusively focused on delivering managed services to its customer base.

Benefits of HSO Foundation Services

  • 1

    Mitigate risk to your business

    through detailed planning of updates that can be delivered around your business events.

  • 2

    Gain early visibility

    of updates, weeks in advance, enabling a longer testing period & less impact on your business.

  • 3

    Receive focused service

    from your HSO Service Delivery Manager as they work with our customers to discuss, deliver & manage new feature releases and timetable. This enables you to plan & allocate resource efficiently over an extended period.

  • 4

    Access a clear business solution roadmap

    through regular planning meetings.

  • 5

    Management of Third-party solutions (ISV)

    as we liaise with all third-party solution providers for the provision of compatibility packs and monitor the complete release cadence process.

  • 6

    Access our unique HSO best practice process and other specialist tools

    as well as our extensive knowledge and technical/business experience.

Why you need HSO Foundation Services?

HSO foundation services is built upon Microsoft best practice and proven to work across manufacturing, retail and service companies alike. Our solution is both comprehensive and flexible enough to enable you to adapt to the Microsoft One Version program, without compromising on the quality of service to your key stakeholders.

It is a robust and proven framework, that enables our customers to deliver agility into their business which translates into value for their customers.

Finally, it helps drive down the ongoing total cost of maintaining the Microsoft Cadence program through HSO’s economy of scale.

Control the changes in your Dynamics 365 business system at a rate you can consume.

What does the free health check give you?

  • A better understanding of your current challenges
  • Assess your processes against Microsoft best practice
  • Assess the risk to your business
  • A report with recommendations for consideration and next steps

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How does your release management measure up against HSO?

We will review your update release process and make recommendations for improvement.

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