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Microsoft D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management for State and Local Government

Make it easier to serve your stakeholders and connect with your citizen

As a government or government agency, you face declining revenue while your leaders are challenged to meet heightened citizen expectations. What complicates the effort to better connect with citizens, while constrained by tighter budgets and increasing scrutiny, is the challenge with information sharing and communication among internal and external audiences. This breakdown can hinder or even prevent you from reaching your goals.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management for State and Local Government connects all your processes and departments, from inventory management to accounting and budgeting, in the cloud, enabling your government or agency to make smarter decisions faster on the back end while connecting more completely with the people you serve.

This powerful, cloud-based ERP solution offers a complete set of adaptable financial, supply chain, and operational capabilities with built-in predictive analytics and intelligence for real-time and actionable insights that allow you to run more efficiently.

Best of all, Dynamics 365 can easily be integrated with your existing systems and scaled up quickly to adapt to changing requirements and the needs of those you serve.

“...All of the county departments have their job to do.…They don’t want to spend a lot of time doing tasks like budgeting and financial reporting. If we can make that easier, it helps them focus on what they’re really trying to accomplish.”

Tom Sullivan IT Director, McHenry County, Illinois

Finance solutions for managing tight budgets

For any government or agency in the public sector, managing how you spend money is of utmost importance. You must spend it judiciously to stretch funds, carefully track spending and adhere to budgets, manage vendor relationships and contracts, and be fully transparent to oversight entities and citizens. This requires an advanced technology solution, built and implemented by experts. That’s where HSO can help:
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    Vendor and Contract Management

    Public sector agencies are challenged with tight budgets and stringent regulations when managing vendor selection and awarding contracts. Dynamics 365 for Public Sector effectively facilitates requisitioning, bidding, contract management payment processes and workflow to create efficiencies and reduce costs.

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    Project/Grant Operations Management

    Easily manage, track, and report on initiatives and multiple funding sources to automatically distribute funds according to program guidelines, facilitating multi-year budgeting, accounting, and project and grant life-cycle reporting.

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    Budget Planning & Control

    See not only what has been funded, but what has been planned to account for the budget process cycle as well as capital projects and ongoing expenses. Issues with reconciliation are eliminated with a single source of the truth. Put controls in place at very specific levels, track actuals-versus-budget throughout the cycle, compare current to prior years, and run ‘what if’ analyses.

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    Enhanced Security

    Security has become a serious concern across the public sector. Many agencies segregate by either department, job function,
    or by some more detailed organizational structure. With Dynamics 365, you can limit information by the role level, job function, or even down to the individual field level. Staff see and work only with their specifically provisioned information. Other features include improved accuracy of data; federal, and recipient reporting; reduced organizational, data security, and audit risk; and more.

Solutions for more efficient supply chain management

Government and public service organizations are leveraging Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management functionality to deliver value to their citizens more efficiently. In government, smart supply chain management is critical as the stakes are higher when public health and safety are at stake.
Dynamics helps you in all areas of supply chain management, working effectively with suppliers and partners to ensure your citizens are getting what they need:

√ Joint planning
√ Bidding and negotiation
√ Sourcing and procurement
√ Scheduling of supplier and distributor tasks
√ Contracting
√ Order processing
√ Inventory management and warehousing

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