Data Maturity Assessment

REVEALED: How to get measurable value from your data

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Learn how to manage your data better, extract the insights within, and then use it to fuel decision making.

The HSO Data Maturity assessment is a diagnostic exercise, based on a series of workshops and interviews, that measures the value of your data and analytics activities. By the end of the assessment, you will know what data you have, which systems it’s in, who is using it, how it’s being used, and the steps you need to take to extract maximum value from your data.

The Benefits

  • Learn how your data is being used
  • Identify who’s using it
  • Discover where the gaps to value are
  • Engage other non-data stakeholders
  • Define clear next steps to increase data value

Data Management: doing it better and more strategically

The objective of the HSO data maturity assessment is to provide you with a clear path to creating a modern, data-first organisation. To achieve this, HSO will assess your current data environment against the TDWI industry benchmark model, scoring your data and analytics maturity across five key areas: organisation, infrastructure, data management, analytics, and governance.

Four core areas of focus

Data analysis plays an essential role in making decisions with a greater certainty of outcome. By the end of the week, following the Data Assessment play back, you will have a plan to achieve just this.
  • 1

    Review your current state of technology

    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Systems and Tools
    • Data Sources and flows across core business processes

  • 2

    Understand your current capabilities

    • IT/BI & Analytics Team make-up
    • Analysts/Super Users
    • End-user training
    • Data Governance processes

  • 3

    Capture your data strategy

    • Current roadmap
    • Identify future aspirations
    • Business case and approach to monetisation

  • 4

    Identify your BI & Analytics needs

    • As-is BI & A outputs
    • Understand future BI & A needs
    • Approach to performance management

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