Envision a Path to a Brighter Future with HSO's AI Briefing for Non-Profits

Engage with industry experts to shape an AI journey that will bring your mission into focus

Discover what AI can do for your non-profit organization

AI has taken every facet of society by storm--and the non-profit sector is no exception. Half of visionary leaders today, including non-profits, are already harnessing AI's potential, benefitting hard-working staff and volunteers but more importantly, the people you are on a mission to serve.

If you're one of the intrigued but uncertain, you're not alone; most non-profits haven't identified what AI means to them. It's hard to know where to start ... and the difference between hype and reality. With tight budgets, you need to know how you can confidently quantify the value of AI.

Learn what AI looks like for non-profits ... from experts who know non-profits

With HSO's AI Briefing for Non-Profits, our non-profit and AI experts will:

  • Provide you with a better understanding of AI
  • Discuss the advantages and benefits of AI adoption within the non-profit sector
  • Compare different types of AI
  • Assess your AI maturity level to effectively initiate or advance your AI journey with our tailored support

In just a few hours, you'll get the insight into essential concepts to confidently take the first step in your AI adoption journey, formulating a plan that will start delivering right away.

We're committed to helping you discover AI's role in your organization, whether it's strengthening fundraising and engagement, connecting better with the people you serve, or measuring and demonstrating the success of your programs. From there, you can engage with us for other offerings in HSO's DnA Framework, depending on your requirements.

Discover AI's potential in your organization—improving fundraising and engagement, connecting better with those you serve, or measuring and demonstrating program success—whatever will help you more effectively pursue your mission.

Microsoft's AI technology: Designed with non-profits in mind

There are a variety of tools and platforms to enable generative AI, so how do you know which is best? Here's why we offer and recommend Microsoft technology:

AI capabilities in the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit: Microsoft created the Cloud for Nonprofit, which aligns the capabilities of Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Azure, and LinkedIn to address common nonprofit scenarios. The Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit also includes AI capabilities designed to boost challenges faced by every non-profit: better understanding donors to invest in the right fundraising efforts, focus on the right donors, execute donor-centric marketing efforts, and improve engagement all around.

Integrated everywhere: Microsoft's AI tool, Copilot, seamlessly integrates across the entire Microsoft ecosystem, encompassing Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 (Office), Power Platform, security, and GitHub. No additional tool purchases or integrations required.

Trustworthy and secure: Microsoft prioritizes security and integrity, offering robust enterprise compliance and security controls to safeguard your data. Your data remains yours; it isn't utilized to train foundational AI models.

Seamless adaptation: Copilot eliminates the need for a learning curve—leveraging AI's capabilities doesn't demand new tools or interfaces. It's seamlessly embedded within the tools you're already comfortable using.


Why choose HSO for your AI needs?

Once you have a better understanding of AI and its potential and are ready to build an adoption plan and begin deploying it, HSO is ready. Here’s why:

Interested? Contact us to start or continue your non-profit's AI journey

With our engagement on AI readiness, you can more effectively plan and implement your AI strategy, producing generative AI solutions that can facilitate smart decision making, accelerate productivity, and reduce costs, paving the way for transformation. Start or continue your AI journey with HSO today.

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