An inside perspective of HSO's Young Professionals Program Journey

After graduating as an Industrial Engineer in Turkey, Hatice Aydin decided to pursue a career in IT and Business Applications.  She was working on ERP projects and doing a master’s degree in software engineering.

"It was at this time I realized I wanted to be involved in international and diverse projects while also gaining experience abroad. And so my path crossed with that of HSO International."

Here is the story that brought me to HSO International’s Young Professionals Program (YPP).

What is the Young Professionals Program?

The YPP is a program designed specifically for master’s graduates to kickstart their career in IT and business consultancy. However, it is more than just any functional or technical training program. Throughout the program, theoretical knowledge sessions will combine with hands-on activities before embarking on a real-life project.

YPP is like a 2-year marathon in which you won’t feel alone at any moment. You will learn, develop and connect with other colleagues and I can guarantee that you will create an unbreakable bond during this journey. You will feel the comfort of being in a good team. Don’t forget that everybody in the program moved to the Netherlands from different countries like yourself, and so the first people you will ask about life in the Netherlands will all be your YPP friends.

What’s the process like to join the YPP?

In my case, I applied to the program by sending my resume to HSO International’s HR department. You can also apply through the website. During the application process, you may need to prepare an essay about your motivations, background and HSO, after which you will choose the functional stream you are most interested in (for example: Finance, Trade and Logistics, CRM, Business Intelligence and Analytics, or Azure & Cloud).

If everything goes well, you will be invited to an interview. You may talk to HR, consultants, management and/or stream leads. Remember that there are no specific rules about the number of interviews you get. In my case, we talked about my motivations, work experience, education and the challenges I faced. I was prepared for the technical questions but none of them were asked, lucky me! On the other hand, if you have question marks in your mind, now is the time to ask them.


Congratulations. You got the offer. Time for another big step: Moving to the Netherlands! It sounds exciting, right? It is. But don’t worry. The relevant people from HSO will contact and guide you through the process. So you’d better keep an eye on your email. Besides all the help, below are some tips from my side:
  • 1


    • You may need to apply for a long-stay visa before travelling to the Netherlands and getting your residence permit. This visa is also called an authorization for temporary stay (MVV).

  • 2

    30% Ruling

    The 30% ruling is a Dutch tax exemption for employees who were hired abroad to work in the Netherlands.

  • 3

    Finding an apartment

    This might be the most frustrating part but don’t worry, there are some useful websites such as Funda or Pararius. Read the ads carefully

  • 4

    Your BSN Number

    Make your appointment for BSN (your citizen service number in NL) as soon as possible. It will make your relocation process much easier. 

The Program

  • Introduction Days: two days to learn more about the company, Microsoft, its products, meet your colleagues and play games.
  • MasterClass: An intense program that lasts for six to eight weeks. It covers many topics such as Dynamics 365 (in all its different forms and sizes such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service), Business Intelligence, the Power Platform and Azure DevOps. Plus, my favorite: you might have a chance to get to know yourself better with a personality analysis session! After the trainings, you are expected to obtain the relevant Microsoft certificates. If you want to be prepared, check out MB-920, MB-910, AZ-900 and DP-900!
  • Onboarding: two more weeks including more training sessions, getting hands-on experience with Microsoft products, creating a personal development plan, meeting your Team Lead and project team. And all of this ends with a fun-filled day to celebrate!

More than just  technical training

The program does not stop there though. Over the next 22 months, you will continue to improve both your soft and hard skills as well as gaining lots of on-the-job experience. For those interested, here are the main domains for the remaining part of the journey.

  • Coaching: Journaling, setting goals and monitoring your progress
  • Feedback: Learn how to give and receive feedback properly
  • Mentoring: Your guide throughout your career
  • Soft Skills: Improving your presentation skills. Managing customer expectations
  • Networking: Benefit of the international company: Meet people from Literally all over the world!

"In my view, HSO is a great company to start your professional journey with and to truly unlock your potential. What I love about HSO International is that it not only welcomes diversity but makes it a strength. You are always surrounded with people who are motivated and love what they do. The structure is very flat as well. I am enjoying my time here."

Hatice Aydın D365 Consultant | HSO International