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Yes, Virginia, Microsoft Does Offer ERP for State and Local Governments

Petra Eimiller
25 Jun, 2019

A team from HSO recently participated in the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) Annual Conference to connect with municipalities on their upcoming or existing ERP needs. However, to our surprise, many representatives who approached our booth were unaware that Microsoft even offers an ERP system that supports the unique, complex needs of state and local governments. So, let’s set the record straight: Microsoft does, in fact, have a robust ERP offering that’s a great foundation for state and local government.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables organizations to evolve their business processes using intelligent applications to increase efficiency and efficacy. Using Dynamics 365 as a foundation, HSO has built DynamicsAdvantage for Public Sector, capitalizing on the power of Dynamics 365 to give governments exactly what they need. Let’s run through some of the key features Dynamics can offer your organization:

Budget Planning and Control

We understand the often-grueling task public bodies face of staying within budgets and tracking spending. If you’re running an ERP system that nears obsolescence with every passing day, you’re not making the job any easier on yourself. One of the greatest advantages of Dynamics 365 is the specific features built into the software that assist in budget planning and control.

You gain the ability to easily design and manage the budget planning process using tables and diagrams based on real data. Your users are empowered to track spending by generating user-friendly budget forms and spending analytics. Because Dynamics 365 puts all the necessary information right in front of you, enforcing policy control and proactively managing budgets becomes a whole lot easier.

Project/Grant Accounting and Management

Dynamics 365 also takes much of the burden out of accounting for projects and grants. With expense tracking integrations in Dynamics 365, organizations have a tighter control over project financials as well as grant funding. By providing end-to-end visibility through the entire life cycle, Dynamics gives you all the tools you need to better manage projects and grants. With real-time, flexible resource management, your organization will no longer have to worry about duplication of resources and wasted time and money.

A/R, Billing, Receipts, & Customer Management

Financial accounting becomes painless, allowing you to categorize and report on any revenue source with point-of-sale solutions. Also, complete customer management is possible with a centralized location for all data and clear data visualization. You can easily create collection letters and actions for better billing and receipt management and analysis. Functionality to manage cash, liquidity, and customer processes will give your accounting department the tools to reach new levels of efficiency.

Human Capital Management & Payroll

Functionality for human capital management gives you control over the complete hire to retire cycle. With the ability to manage job requisition and application processes, recruitment and hiring becomes a whole lot smoother. You can also track employee data, job history, and compensation for better business analytics and employee relations. Another advantage is the ability to self-serve. With a portal for self-management and travel accessible via mobile, employees have new options for making the most of their time and ensuring they’re being compensated correctly.

HSO and McHenry County, Illinois

We have decades of experience working with state and local governments—as McHenry County, Illinois can vouch. You can hear their story in this short video.

Arial view of a public space

With the correct oversight throughout all departments, from education to transportation, McHenry County has thrived using their DynamicsAdvantage implementation, and so will you. So, while the question of Santa Claus still remains unanswered, be assured that Microsoft does indeed have an ERP that suits the needs of state and local government.

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