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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing consulting360

Hana Huber
12 Oct, 2022

Discover the advantages of purpose-built software for consulting firms

Consulting firms cover a wide range of companies in many industries, from information technology to healthcare consulting, yet they all share many of the same problems, including:

  • Unique accounting requirements
  • Effectively managing talent and human resources
  • Attracting and retaining business
  • Maintaining on-time, on-budget project delivery
  • 360-degree visibility across all aspects of the business

We have the solution. HSO’s consulting360 combines marketing, business development, project management, accounting, and HR into a comprehensive business management suite. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and designed specifically for consulting firms in any industry, consulting360 helps these companies win more work, manage client engagements and projects, handle unique accounting requirements, and attract and retain quality talent.

What makes consulting360 the solution of choice for consulting firms?

Reliable – consulting360 is cloud-based, built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted on Microsoft Azure. Azure offers one of the best Service Level Agreements (SLA) in the industry, with 99.95% uptime plus failover and backup capabilities.

Secure – Microsoft Azure meets strict regulations to support secure industry and government transactions. Microsoft provides state-of-the-art facilities for Azure hosting, including advanced intrusion and virus detection, often better than most Fortune 500 companies can provide for their own networks.

Easy to use – consulting360 integrates with many business applications and includes process automation, collaboration tools, Outlook integration, and advanced business intelligence analytics. Being cloud-based means consulting360 offers anytime, anywhere access using any device. Providing a modern, easy-to-use application facilitates employee adoption and productivity and helps with employee retention.

Cost-effective – Cloud-hosting provides an affordable alternative to having your IT staff maintain your hardware and software. With cloud hosting, you pay only for the resources you need and add or remove resources as needed. Save money on computer room equipment and overhead, leaving these tasks in the hands of Microsoft Azure professionals so your staff is free to perform more business-critical tasks.

Features your firm needs – consulting360 meets the needs of consulting firms by providing visibility across the firm, including project management and profitability, financial performance and reporting, customer relationship management and retention, attracting and retaining quality staff members, and more. By leveraging on Microsoft’s nearly $20 billion R&D investment into Azure and Dynamics 365, consulting360 can help you optimize your win strategies, streamline your project lifecycle, and integrate business data across your business development, project management, accounting, and human resource management processes.

The high cost of doing nothing

Thinking of staying where you are? Consider the cost of your current software solution.

  • Are you getting real-time data from your financial and CRM systems? How accurate is that data?
  • Can you access data from all your software systems to get a complete picture of your company’s health?
  • Are you losing experienced talent because of antiquated software or tedious, manual processes?

The cost of doing nothing goes beyond simply adding up your software licensing fees. If you don’t have the visibility you need to make critical, real-time decisions, or you are losing talent because of tedious processes, then your current solution is costing you money.

Whether you specialize in management consulting, benefits consulting, information technology, or healthcare consulting, HSO and consulting360 can help you increase productivity and drive automation. Take control of your data and your business with an integrated solution from HSO built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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