The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator Common Data Model

11 Mar, 2024

What is the Government Accelerator Common Data Model?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator Common Data Model (CDM) is a standardised data schema designed for Public Sector organisations using the Dynamics 365 platform.

It’s part of Microsoft’s broader Common Data Model initiative, which aims to provide a consistent and extensible framework for data integration across different applications and services.

What’s in the Government Accelerator Common Data Model

The Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator CDM is tailored to meet the unique needs of Public Sector organisations, enabling each to manage their data and streamline processes.

It includes a predefined set of entities, attributes, and relationships that represent commonly used Public Sector data concepts. Concepts that cover areas such as constituent management, case management, grants management, inspections, licensing, and more.

Common data model

The benefits of a single data platform

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    Predefined schema:

    The CDM offers a predefined schema that combines Microsoft best practices together with government-specific requirements. It provides a solid foundation for building applications and solutions to meet Public Sector needs.

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    The CDM promotes interoperability by defining and sharing common data entities and traits across applications and services. This eases data integration and removes the need for custom data mappings when connecting different systems.

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    While the CDM provides a standardised data model, it also allows for extensibility. Organisations can customise the schema to accommodate their specific data requirements and add new entities or attributes as needed.

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    Data integration:

    The CDM enables seamless data integration with other Microsoft technologies, such as Power Platform and Azure services. It supports data flows between Dynamics 365 and other systems, allowing for data consolidation and enrichment.

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    Analytics and reporting:

    The standardised data structure provided by the CDM supports advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. Organisations can use the data model to gain insights, generate meaningful reports, and make data-driven decisions.

The benefits of the Government Accelerator CDM

By using the Dynamics 365 Government Accelerator CDM, organisations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and build solutions that address each unique challenge.

The CDM serves as a foundational element for creating a connected ecosystem of applications, systems, and services, ultimately enabling better service delivery and citizen engagement.

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