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Surprise! You Don’t Have to Upgrade Your ERP or CRM If You’re Not Ready … Yet

Rohit Gupta
10 Jun, 2021

As a business, you depend on your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, HCM and other systems for daily operations and to support the success of your strategic initiatives. The challenge that comes with these mission-critical systems is keeping them running properly and more importantly, keeping them up to date.

With the significant advances in technology in recent years, the pressure to upgrade to the latest and greatest is mounting. Particularly, the pressure of moving to the cloud.

If you have anything to do with making decisions about technology purchases, you are likely getting bombarded with urgent pleas from your Dynamics Partner to move to a cloud version of your enterprise applications, along with supporting infrastructure.

As a provider of Dynamics ERP, CRM and other tools and applications that make up the Microsoft platform, we won’t disagree. The benefits of moving to a modern, cloud-based platform and applications are well worth the temporary frustrations and discomfort that come along with making a major technology change.

However, we understand that making such a change is a big decision requiring a significant investment of time, money, and resources. Especially if you recently made an investment into your current system. We also understand that you simply might not be ready to make a Dynamics upgrade to the cloud.

What can you do in the meantime?

Dynamics Application Management Providers keep systems running smoothly

While we encourage you to begin making plans now for a digital transformation, we offer support to organizations just like yours: system support while you continue running Dynamics platforms and solutions.

Whether you’re trying to remain current with rapidly evolving Microsoft or keeping your current Microsoft eco-systems in good working order, you need knowledgeable, skilled people on your side. Get that level of application management support from a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

An MSP is an organization you can trust to outsource your complete Microsoft Technology Stack. For more than 25 years, HSO has demonstrated expertise in offering managed services for Microsoft Dynamics applications, with global successes across industries. Our experts are specifically educated in your business applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX, GP, and CRM. They are trained to watch for opportunities and best practices, helping you be more proactive in leveraging they system’s capabilities.

The advantages of choosing HSO as your MSP for application management services are compelling:

  • Standardize your IT spend to a predictable, manageable, monthly fee.
  • Outsource not only the maintenance and upkeep of your systems, but also the talent search for these skillsets, which become more difficult to find as systems age.
  • Reduce overhead, eliminating the cost of specialized FTEs.
  • Work alongside our well-equipped and experienced technology professionals who maintain service levels, security, system performance and monitoring.
  • Access to help desk support from 9-5 ET with scheduled, off-hour emergency support available.
  • Benefit from partnering with a global managed services organization giving you access to 24/7 first-tier support around the globe, assigned a single point of contact for seamless knowledge transfer and transition.
  • Engage our experienced team to provide custom development and enhancements.
  • Receive coaching from our seasoned experts to ensure user adoption and education.

And when you’re ready to upgrade … HSO will be ready, too

The time will come when you are ready to digitally transform your organization. When that time comes, we will be ready to take you there. No two organizations are alike, so no two upgrades will be alike.

Before discussing the specifics of your upgrade:

  • We learn about you including your business processes and culture.
  • We will then do a thorough assessment.
  • Depending on the age of your current systems, integrations, customizations and desired future state, we will recommend the best path for your upgrade.
  • As a bonus, when you have already engaged with HSO’s application management services, our team is essentially a part of your team thereby simplifying pieces of the upgrade process.

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