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SharePoint: the foundation for your social intranet and corporate culture

24 Aug, 2022

Did you know that a strong corporate culture serves as a source of inspiration for about 78% of Dutch employees? Unfortunately, the corona crisis has significantly hampered the strategic development of this culture. Priority was given to other issues, such as facilitating working from home. Very understandable, and fortunately, we see that organizations now have the space to pay attention to their culture again. But how do you build a company culture in a hybrid working environment? Digital tools are crucial in this situation. Like SharePoint, the Microsoft solution that forms the foundation of a social intranet.

What is a social intranet?

Now that we see each other less often in the office, culture preservation has become an issue in many organizations. You have to find other ways to keep everyone informed and the onboarding of new employees also requires a new approach. A social intranet then serves as a social glue and is the digital alternative for the conversations at the coffee machine.

By using a social intranet, you can guarantee that all employees have access to company news, messages from the management, the mission and vision, and other useful information.

But it goes further than that. What makes it social is that employees have the possibility to contribute to the intranet themselves in the form of articles, reactions and forums. So it is not about sending, but about interaction. In this way, a social intranet keeps the culture alive, regardless of whether employees work at home, at the client’s or in the office.

SharePoint: the basis for your social intranet

A social intranet helps to improve internal communication and to make information accessible. It is the place for employees to find relevant content. SharePoint is part of Microsoft 365 and offers the possibility to share news, find information quickly and work together effectively. For employees, the intranet is the start of their working day. It is where they find links to the apps, workflows and forms they frequently use and where they can read personalized news in their preferred language. SharePoint is a complete and intelligent platform and facilitates all these opportunities to enhance internal communication.

SharePoint + Viva Connections = next level

Do you want to go a step further in strengthening social ties and culture? Then take a look at Viva Connections. This Microsoft solution is for many organizations, just like SharePoint, available within the Microsoft 365 license and integrated with Microsoft Teams. The focus is on employee experience: an employee has access to his or her tasks, calendar, intranet and reports from one personalized dashboard. This combination of SharePoint, Teams and Viva Connections provides relevant information, inspiration and connections between people.

Getting started with a social intranet

A social intranet is an effective and strategic instrument to boost internal communication. Dou you want to start this? Then SharePoint can be used to create a powerful social glue. In combination with Viva Connections, you have an extensive platform at your disposal to build a powerful corporate culture in a hybrid working environment.

Would you like to know more about how to implement hybrid working properly in your organization? Download our white paper on ‘Hybrid Workplace Strategy’ and learn how to build a sustainable strategy with the Behaviour, Bricks and Bytes building blocks and where you stand in the Hybrid Workplace Ambition Model.


This is part 2 of a series of blogs about the possibilities of SharePoint. Also read the blog about SharePoint: the advanced document management system that saves you time.

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