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Reduce time to market and increase value of key applications with Low-code/No-code

Tom Berger
26 Jul, 2021

You will always have to deal with small issues with your technology regardless of how well you plan. Business changes, which requires new solutions. However, applications, platforms, and tools can’t address every issue—especially those unique to your business.

You need to address the issues and it’s not practical to purchase new software. Nor can you always embark on big, expensive development projects. In those cases, you need tools that address them as quickly as possible. By doing so, you reduce time to market and optimize your technology by making sure it all works together.

You need the Microsoft Power Platform to reduce time to market.

The Power Platform, Microsoft’s low-code, no-code development toolkit, allows even non-programmers to easily build apps, workflows, reports, and bots that connect everything. This creates an integrated business ecosystem that addresses all those gaps that can become big problems—typically in over 70 percent of the time it takes using traditional methods.

See it in Action: How to Build a Trade Approval App

With Microsoft's Power Platform

Case in Point: A Trade Approval App

This example used in our on-demand Power Platform Education session, “A dive into interaction of capabilities and integration of the Power Platform” is from the financial services industry, but it illustrates how the Power Platform can reduce time to market.

In this instance, portfolio managers needed to review and approve large trades for compliance. This task would be much simpler by pushing the approval request to a mobile device.

Portfolio Manager: 

  • Approve trades for compliance
  • Follow client and organizational standards
  • Track the record's approval

Step 1: To get the data around the trade in place, we used a data flow (using Power Query) to import source data from an external trade application into the Microsoft Dataverse.

Step 2: We built a canvas app (using Power Automate) to simplify the process of reviewing and approving trades. It included a push notification of pending approvals, view a list of pending approvals, approve or deny a trade, and provide comments through Siri or Google Assistant.

Step 3: We built a model-driven app with a dashboard (with Power BI) to monitor the state of open and closed approvals by portfolio manager, with the ability to drill down into the detail behind each record.

This sounds pretty simple because it was, compared to what would have to be done within a traditional application.

Microsoft Power Platform: Speed up your time to market with complete, transformational integration across ALL your key applications

Today, organizations are discovering the Power Platform. The Power Platform is a suite that includes Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate. Its low-code/no-code environment eliminates the need for development projects. The Power Platform reduces time to market by shortening the development cycle. In fact, the Power Platform shortens the cycle so dramatically that nearly any issue can be resolved in just hours or days. That means you get closer to your goals and objectives faster.

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