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Our DNA Framework: Setting Up Your ESG Journey for Success

ESG (environmental, social, governance) reporting requirements begin in 2024 as part of the EU's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Without strong data management and the right technologies, preparing for ESG reporting is a costly process. HSO utilizes our unique DNA Framework to accelerate your ESG journey and go beyond reporting to unlock business opportunities.

Focusing on actual business needs, we bring you industry standards and best practices with our DNA Framework to improve your decision-making and business.

Three solid pillars for your data and analytics landscape

Our DNA Framework is an open and agile framework, in-line with the Microsoft roadmap and philosophy. That means users can get started quickly and easily, bringing together data from various sources to create relevant insights. The framework exists of three basic components concerning ETL, change management and deployment, and a KPIs library: 

A smooth ETL process

The extract, transform and load (ETL) process is based on the latest Microsoft technology: Azure Synapse Analytics. We can extract data from different sources, whether it is a data lake with common data model structures, databases or APIs. This data is then transformed into the appropriate structure to work with and loaded into the data warehouse. For data modelling, we use the Kimball dimensional modelling techniques. After the ETL process, data is ready for generating reports and creating business insights.

Full change management and deployment

For the change management and deployment processes, we follow the DevOps approach. With Azure DevOps as our platform, we control all the changes to your data and analytics platform. Change management is focused on the agile development of the solution in collaboration with end-users, creating user stories and applying work items. The deployment process aims at continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), deploying the full data and analytics landscape. It is an automated process which includes all components, making it easy to create as many deployments as you like. This is because we create different environments with different configurations.  

Common KPIs library

Furthermore, we developed a standardised starting point for every project with typical KPIs. It is a template containing common metrics for maximising profit with KPIs aimed at finance, reliability of supply, margin and volume growth. These dimensions provide a customisable starting point for your Power BI reporting and monitoring.

Underneath these three pillars, you will find a solid foundation focused on monitoring data quality throughout the whole framework.

HSO DNA Framework: plug & play

Following industry standards and best practices, the DNA Framework is a complete solution which covers every single aspect of your data and analytics landscape. Installation is quick and once everything is set up you can get the first insights within one day. Throughout this process, there are multiple checkpoints for making changes, like code reviewing and working in a test environment to ensure data quality.

Our DNA Framework is particularly suitable with Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX as the main data source. The open infrastructure brings together this data with other data from, for example, SQL databases, web services or excel files and the framework visualises data with whatever business intelligence solution you are working with. HSO’s Data & Analytics Framework is designed to reduce the complexity of your organisation’s analytics practice and get you started with delivering business results right away.


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