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Modern CRM Technology Is the Answer for Supporting Complex Insurance Sales Models

Tom Berger
06 Jul, 2022

In an industry that already has many challenges, insurance sales processes can be very complex. That means the pipeline can be disrupted easily. This, in turn, emphasizes the importance of ensuring processes are as smooth and efficient as possible—and supported by the right technology.

When technology is subpar, problems ensue … plus, a pandemic

Such was the case with one large US provider of insurance and financial solutions, in business for 110 years. The firm’s differentiator is that they see policy owners, agents, and employees as family individuals, all connected by a passion for helping others and a respect for the uniqueness of each other’s lives.

The company needed to support a very complex insurance sales model that was supporting inside and outside sales teams with 12,000 non captive agents.

The problem: The technology supporting the team and these critical processes was a decades-old, green screen, mainframe CRM. This outdated technology was causing big problems:

  • Inefficiencies, like forcing staff to re-key information into multiple places
  • No modern functionality, like mobility
  • No way for management to have visibility into data like sales performance, which limited their ability to forecast or take appropriate action when needed
  • Siloing of the company’s three lines of business, causing them to miss opportunities to cross sell

If this wasn’t enough to contend with, the company embarked on a mission to implement a new CRM platform during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The right CRM technology provides the needed support for sales processes

The solution: After looking at Salesforce and other major CRM solutions, the company selected Dynamics 365 Sales.

Dynamics 365 Sales (D365) addresses every facet of insurance sales processes, including providing visibility into key areas within the organization, which was critical to this company. Management now has the visibility to see how sellers are performing so they can determine what’s working and what’s not working and take action as needed. Visibility into current client relationships also enables them to identify opportunities for cross selling.

The new D365 solution also integrates with Maplytics, which makes it easier for agents to map out the routes for their client meetings, and the company’s call center screen pop software—all of which contribute to a single, connected platform in the cloud. An added benefit of the cloud: the agent experience is much improved, leading to increased agent retention.

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