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Microsoft’s AI Copilot Comes to aec360

Andy Yeomans
06 Sep, 2023

Microsoft’s AI Copilot Comes to aec360

In today’s business and technology landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken center stage, offering significant increases in productivity through automation and intelligent data insights. Microsoft is at the forefront of AI innovation with its new Copilot tools integrating AI and natural language processing into its solutions, including Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. Copilot is the world’s first AI assistant natively built into these business and productivity applications.

With Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform at the core of the aec360 industry solution, aec360 users can now harness the power of this new AI Copilot to drive productivity, visibility, and more.  Discover the capabilities that Copilot brings to aec360 clients.

Copilot in Business Development

Microsoft’s AI Copilot in the aec360 CRM module can help business development teams be more productive in their daily work, including:

  • Receiving news updates on key clients to stay current on the latest news about their business and identify potential new opportunities
  • Quickly composing high-quality professional-looking emails using natural language processing
  • Preparing for meetings by receiving summaries of upcoming meetings and relevant details from open opportunities
  • Proactively receiving a quick summary of open opportunities based on the latest information, including any recent changes to these records
AI Copilot generated suggested email response
Copilot-generated Suggested Email Response

Copilot in Marketing

Marketing professionals must continually monitor shifting client dynamics and generate compelling and targeted content that can help unlock new business opportunities.  Microsoft Copilot infuses generative AI capabilities into Dynamics 365 Marketing to help marketers:

  • Quickly discover insights about your client base by asking questions using natural language processing
  • Generate segmented marketing lists simply by describing the target market in your own words
  • Accelerate the creation of marketing content and emails through AI-generated content ideas

Copilot email content ideas generator

Copilot in Project Operations

Project Managers are consistently pressed for time and under pressure to meet client deadlines.  The new Microsoft Copilot can help Project Managers save time completing administrative tasks so that they can focus more effort on driving successful projects, including:

  • Creating task plans (WBS) using natural language processing, simply by describing the details of the project
  • Automatically generating project status reports based on current budgets, timelines, and risks
  • Auto-generating project risk assessments to proactively identify potential project risks (resource shortages, budget overruns, schedule delays) for ongoing projects
AI-generated Project Status Report
AI-generated Project Status Report Request

AI-generated Project Status Report
AI-generated Project Status Report

Copilot AI in Finance

Finance professionals are burdened by many time-consuming activities that take away from opportunities to add strategic value to the business.  Building on the machine learning-based AI capabilities introduced into Dynamics 365 Finance for accurately predicting customer payments for more accurate cash flow forecasting and suggesting financial budgets based on past data and trends. Microsoft is introducing Copilot into Finance to help provide employees engaged in managing customer A/R collections to prioritize collections activities and personalize communications based on a client’s credit and payment history.

Accounts payable

Accounts Payable Copilot Interaction

Copilot AI in Power Platform

As many AEC firms adopt Microsoft Power Platform technologies such as Power BI for analytics and Power Apps for low-code/no-code development, new Copilot generative AI features can help accelerate the creation of advanced analytics and custom applications through:

  • Auto-generating Power BI visualizations by simply describing in your own words the visuals and insights you’re looking for
  • Creating narrative-based analysis summaries and asking questions about your data in conversational language
  • Building Power Apps, and the data models behind them, by describing what you need through steps of conversation

Talk to HSO about leveraging Copilot to take your AEC firm to the next level

With the integration of Copilot and other AI capabilities into Dynamics 365, aec360 is more powerful than ever.  You’ll discover even better ways to save your employees time so that they can focus on finding and winning more work and delivering better projects.

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