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Microsoft AI Comes to construction360: Enhancing and Automating the Work Acquisition Process

construction360 features Microsoft’s AI, leveraging its capabilities across every department in construction companies.

AI has become prominent in every industry, providing substantial enhancements in productivity through automation and intelligent data analysis. Microsoft is leading the way in AI innovation by commercializing generative AI and natural language processing technology so construction firms can easily adopt these exciting solutions. 

One example of Microsoft’s AI commercialization is the seamless integration of AI into its Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 solutions. Known as Copilot, this tool has established itself as the first AI assistant natively embedded in these business and productivity applications. As the platform for construction360, Dynamics 365 is now empowering users to leverage the capabilities of AI Copilot to enhance productivity, visibility, and more. 

This blog article explores the benefits Copilot and related AI technologies in construction360 can help construction companies optimize their work acquisition process, from marketing and business development through pre-construction. 

Construction business development: Copilot AI increases productivity

In the construction360 CRM module, Microsoft's AI Copilot empowers you to enhance the efficiency of your business development teams in their daily tasks. This includes:

  • Crafting professional, high-quality emails effortlessly through natural language processing, saving time and ensuring clear, concise communication
  • Streamlining meeting preparation time with summaries of upcoming meetings and pertinent details extracted from open opportunities
  • Keeping business development teams informed proactively with quick summaries of open opportunities based on the latest data, including recent changes to these records
  • Staying current on key clients by receiving news updates, enabling teams to identify new opportunities and stay informed about their clients' latest developments

Construction Marketing: Copilot AI unlocks new business opportunities

Microsoft Copilot enhances Dynamics 365 Marketing with generative AI capabilities to support marketing professionals in the dynamic world of client engagement. It empowers marketers to:

  • Accelerate the creation of marketing content and emails with the help of AI-generated content ideas, ensuring a steady flow of compelling and targeted content to unlock new business opportunities
  • Use natural language processing to swiftly gain insights about their client base by asking questions
  • Describe their target market in their own words to effortlessly generate segmented marketing lists

Pre-construction: Microsoft AI can help deliver accurate cost estimates more efficiently

Unlike other industries, successful construction bids depend heavily upon accurately estimating jobs in the pre-construction phase. This same generative AI technology can be put to use to help deliver even more accurate estimates. For example, Microsoft’s OpenAI service can be used to quickly create generative AI experiences to help employees: 

  • Research using various criteria, including cost of materials and labor in specific markets, building type, etc., to determine the cost of construction 
  • Research potential clients for financial viability
  • Develop a market strategy based on information gathered across numerous platforms to determine risk potentials in each market
  • Analyze markets to determine the level of opportunity and whether to open an office in that market
  • Proactively identify potential project risks, such as resource shortages, budget overruns, and schedule delays, through auto-generated project risk assessments for ongoing projects—allowing  project managers to mitigate issues before they escalate
  • Research internal data sources for previous work by client, market, project type, and historical costs/trends

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Microsoft Copilot and related AI opportunities in Dynamics 365 have added even more power to construction360. Learn more about how AI and construction360 can do more for your firm so you and your teams can focus on winning bids and delivering successful projects. 

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