Miriam Clancy: 
From end-user to consultant

"For people thinking about changing their career, I would say go for it! If you don’t, you may regret not making that change. If you do and you don’t enjoy it, you can always go back. If I hadn’t taken the leap, I would have always said: “what if”. It was terrifying but I would have regretted it if I hadn’t done it. I am so glad I did!"

Miriam Clancy Solution Architect | HSO United Kingdom

Meet Miriam Clancy

Before joining HSO I was an end user with a client where HSO was implementing a project. I was finance lead so got to see the entire project and how HSO worked, and I was thinking this looks like a great place to work! At the time I was working as a management accountant and had held many roles in finance but never even thought about doing consultancy and I thought, well, why not. It’s a challenge and I should give it a go. I applied and moved across shortly after and took the leap – I love it and haven’t looked back!

I think it was what I was always meant to do, and my role has evolved a lot. I joined as a medior consultant and HSO trained me and put me on my first project. It was for a construction company, and I was helping and learning a lot about the industry. After extending my experience and portfolio of skills, I moved to my next project in finance and really enjoyed it. This was my path to becoming Senior Finance Consultant.

I have continued expanding my knowledge and last year I had the opportunity to participate in the Solution Architect boot camp at HSO through the HSO Academy. I am now thinking about my next move to a Solution Architect role. As it stands, I am still a senior finance consultant, but this is how I like thinking about my journey…always reimagining my next step!

At HSO the culture is always one of support and you always have a support network right from the start. The project team I first joined was so friendly and helpful. Everybody would make you feel welcome, and we have not lost that collaborative spirit even as we are growing, we still have this friendly family culture, and it is the biggest thing I love about HSO. I also think our always evolving value is the best because as a company and individually we are always looking to better ourselves and to make what we do of higher quality, finding ways to help people in a more effective way and make projects more successful. To me, the always evolving value is the most significant.

I also really like the variation in flexible work and teaming. I am currently working from home on two projects which have limited client office days and are largely remote. On my last project, I was three days per week on-site. This variation keeps it interesting, and my kids love it!