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How to Leverage Data to Further Your Non-Profit's Mission

Petra Eimiller
10 May, 2023

Non-profit organizations are dedicated to fulfilling their mission: to do good in the world. However, they all struggle in key areas, such as recruiting and retaining donors, choosing where to allocate funds for projects and initiatives, and measuring the effectiveness of their programs.

In fact, statistics from a recent survey are quite revealing:

  • 40 percent of non-profits reported losses over the last three years
  • Online donations increased nearly 50 percent over the same period
  • 46 percent of non-profits use multiple systems to save data, creating data silos
  • And, perhaps most alarming, only 5 percent of non-profits have an effective data strategy to use data for insights and decision making.

Getting to the data you already have is half the battle. The other half is leveraging that data more effectively to help you plan, execute, and assess your activities.

HSO helps non-profit organizations collect their data into one, secure location and provide the analytics tools to provide answers to their most critical questions, including:

  • How do we ensure we’re targeting the right audiences?
  • How do we read each audience, and how much do we spend?
  • How do we optimize the results of our fundraising campaigns?
  • How do we measure the impact of our programs and initiatives?

We’ve recorded a series of 30-minute webcasts, entitled “Non-Profit by the Numbers”, that discusses how you can leverage the data you already have to increase donor outreach, execute more successful fundraising campaigns, and create more accurate budgets and forecasts, all while protecting the security of your data and staying in compliance.

This 5-part series offers practical solutions and insights to help non-profits navigate these challenges and fulfill their mission.

By watching the series, non-profit employees can gain valuable knowledge and skills to improve their operations, optimize their resources, and create a meaningful impact on their community. The series features industry experts and successful non-profit directors who share their experiences, best practices, and strategies for success. Whether you're new to non-profit management or a seasoned pro, this series offers something for everyone who wants to make a positive difference in the world.

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