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How the Microsoft Cloud is Modernizing Manufacturing

Brenda Somich
02 Mar, 2022

Rapid transformation within the manufacturing industry has led to a renewed focus on efficiency, safety, and intelligent operations. Even before the pandemic, many manufacturers actively sought technology solutions to better manage and optimize the various functions across their operations and supply chain.

The Microsoft ecosystem provides the features and capabilities many manufacturers need to accomplish these lofty goals. From collaboration tools to powerful data management solutions, the Microsoft ecosystem offers solutions to support all pillars of manufacturing, including work, project, and portfolio management.

How does the Microsoft ecosystem support manufacturing operations?

The various applications within the Microsoft ecosystem offer support for all phases of manufacturing operations.

Project management

Effective project management is critical to optimized manufacturing processes. The Microsoft ecosystem offers several applications and tools to support all aspect of project management, including collaboration across team, task tracking, planning, and more. Project managers can plan, track, and adjust task schedules using Microsoft Project, while applications like Microsoft Teams support collaboration across departments. Microsoft Power Platform makes it easy to develop customized workflow and intelligence tools and conduct proactive modeling or demand forecasting. The native integration across the entire ecosystem makes it easy for users to track or update project status and collaborate in real-time, without the need to jump from platform to platform.

By centralizing project management and collaboration efforts, the Microsoft ecosystem creates a single source of truth while also eliminating many of the frustrating and time-consuming tasks associated with managing complex manufacturing operations.

Data collection and insights

The Microsoft ecosystem offers powerful data capture, management, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Applications like Dynamics 365 support capture of business data, while tools like Power BI enable extensive analysis and reporting of the information. Users can create customized dashboards and visual reports to track the information most pertinent to their individual roles, or to get a top-down view of the operation as a whole. Sharing dashboards and reports with interested stakeholders is easy, helping to keep all teams informed.

The data capture and analysis capabilities offered by the Microsoft ecosystem help to improve visibility and project governance, ensure security and compliance with regulations, and offer the insight needed for business leaders to plan future manufacturing operations.

Supply chain management

Now more than ever, effective supply chain management is critical to manufacturing operations. The Microsoft ecosystem provides the data and task tracking functionality needed to maintain a real-time view of the supply chain, both incoming and outgoing. The powerful forecasting capabilities offered within tools like Power BI enable stakeholders to proactive manage the supply chain to mitigate the chance of costly disruption or delay.

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