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How ERP can help shape a police force fit for the future

Police forces today deal with a diverse and unique range of challenges. There are frequently varying responsibilities, new priorities, and a continual need to support society whilst negotiating budgets.

Look again at Enterprise Resource Planning

The public is also living more of their lives online, which is allowing new types of crime to flourish. Online fraud in varying guises has grown to epidemic levels; the rapid expansion in social media use has brought with it an unedifying surge in hate crime and the threat of cyber security remains a constant concern to us all. As society becomes ever more digital, so, too, must the police.

National Policing Digital Strategy

The Police Digital Service has highlighted the need to modernise, stating, in the National Policing Digital Strategy:

“Policing is at a critical juncture. We either improve how we harness digital opportunities from existing and emerging technologies, or we are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by the demand they create and lose the chance to enhance and modernise our policing services.”

It is evident that digitalisation is essential, not only in combatting rising online crime but also in response to the myriad challenges faced by every force on a daily basis, from dealing with more traditional crime to helping those with mental health difficulties; effectively managing shift patterns to ensuring robust officer vetting procedures are in place.

But what are the tangible benefits of modernisation and employing digital solutions within the police forces? How can police forces ensure that the digital solutions they are adopting lead to significant gains in efficiency and improved services?

Arrested Development

Arrested Development: Why it’s time to look again at ERP’, the first of our series of four new white papers, looks at some of the answers to these questions. It takes the reader on a deep dive into how digital solutions, specifically Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), can transform staff workflows, modernise services, and improve efficiencies across police services. The white paper explores:

  • The current state of technology within the police force and the challenges faced
  • The role of data in enabling a modernised police force
  • What defines Enterprise Resource Planning
  • How ERP can help produce tangible efficiencies in such areas as finance and accounting, human resource management, purchasing and supply chain, and citizen engagement management
  • How improving back-office efficiencies directly benefits front-line officers and improves the service overall
  • How Microsoft Dynamics 365 can alleviate the challenges faced by the back office, for example how working with siloed data can be more easily enabled

As part of our exploration into how ERP can help police forces, we’ve also produced a brand-new podcast. ‘How Modern ERP Strategies Impact and Enable Smart Policing across the UK’ is the first of a four-part series in which we will drill down into the obstacles facing police forces today.

Our timely, informative, and accessible conversation features some of the leading digital thinkers in the field of policing technology today. Sharing their knowledge and experience are: 

  • Neil Coop – Detective Chief Inspector at Greater Manchester Police
  • Simon Ovens – Chief Superintendent at MET Police
  • Andy Ventor – Head of Public Sector at HSO

Neil and Simon directly explored the current challenges faced by police forces, while Andy shared his insightful industry-based perspective. The conversation explored such questions as:

  • Is technology shaping modern policing for the better and what positive impacts are we seeing?
  • How does cloud-led technology provide a more agile, integrated solution for the diverse range of challenges faced by policing?
  • How is back-office digital transformation making a difference to operational policing?
  • What are the current data strategies enacted by police forces and are they working at pace to extract the true value of data analytics and deliver benefits?

Read your free copy of our Arrested Development, and learn more about ERP.

Podcast and Whitepaper

Listen to our podcast and read our whitepaper from this series

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