For Non-Profits that Depend on Case Management, Choose Technology with a Client-First Focus

Petra Eimiller
06 Dec, 2021

In a roundtable hosted by HSO, leaders from social services-focused non-profits looked closely at how digital transformation can impact their industry.

Case management was a big topic–understandable since non-profits are, as one participant said, “in the business of improving the lives of people.” The advice: Think like a client. Put yourself in the shoes of the client as you’re determining strategies and processes…and make sure you include how your non-profit uses technology.

That’s exactly what Microsoft has done with the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit. A suite of applications that connects the cloud capabilities of the Microsoft stack to challenges faced by non-profits, the Cloud for Nonprofit pulls workflows and data sources from across the organization onto one platform, breaking down silos between applications and data stores to get the data your staff and volunteers need to more efficient at their fingertips.

But, as a technology integrator that works closely with non-profit organizations, we didn’t stop there. We took the Cloud for Nonprofit to the next level with HSO’s Case Management Accelerator.

Advance your mission by supporting the entire case/client life cycle

We understand that non-profit organizations depend on specialized systems and that manual, paper-based processes and old technology make the difficult job of case management even more challenging. HSO’s Case Management Accelerator is an integrated client and case management framework designed to support the complete case or client life cycle, from intake to discharge and reporting on outcomes. Completely client-focused and data driven, the Case Management Accelerator is configurable to fit the unique requirements of your agency and even individual programs. It also promotes transparency with reporting functionality that meets all your administrative and financial oversight procedure requirements–and HIPAA regulations, too. Features include:

  • Track and manage cases from intake to discharge
  • Easily tailor your system to the way your agency manages cases
  • Use centralized data from across programs to promote closer collaboration on action or treatment plans and a smoother transition for clients between programs and providers
  • Dynamically create assessments to fit agency and program requirements utilizing no-code functionality
  • Promote quality and continuity of care with a 360-degree view of clients and cases
  • Keep sensitive information private
  • Track incoming and outgoing referrals from within the agency and with outside organizations and programs
  • Effectively manage caseloads and utilization
  • Set milestones, measure and report on outcomes
  • Work with other familiar browsers, devices, and tools
  • Integrate with the International Aid Transparency Initiative

Learn More About HSO’s Case Management Accelerator

Interested in learning more about HSO’s Case Management Accelerator? Read more and then get a closer look by finding it on Microsoft Appsource.

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