Financial Services Firms Are Using Microsoft Power Platform for Rapid App Development Accelerate CRM Projects

Tom Berger
26 Mar, 2021

Financial Services firms have external demands and now IT leaders’ list of requests from their internal customers seems to grow longer and longer, requiring that you do things faster. You have to navigate challenges like budget, time, and resource constraints, manual and complex processes, security and compliance and more.

While it’s ideal to use the technology in the form of applications and systems already in place, sometimes they simply cannot do what they’re asked to do–or they can’t do it without expensive, time-consuming development efforts. That won’t cut it today, and it’s typically not in the budget to buy more software. Microsoft has responded to this challenge with the Power Platform, a single, connected platform that empowers everyone to innovate​. This suite of practical tools enables you to build apps that solve problems.

Legacy systems, Salesforce, expectations, oh my!

What if you could accelerate the pace at which you are delivering applications, providing solutions, driving results, and increasing business value with the legacy apps or CRMs, like Salesforce, that you already own?

When traditional approaches of either customizing off-the-shelf software that’s already in place or spending a money and time building custom applications won’t suffice or aren’t in the budget, you can depend on Power Platform to accelerate results with time and financial efficiency.

The Microsoft Power Platform fills the gaps between CRM and success

Using the Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code, rapid application development environment, smart firms are quickly and easily filling those gaps and checking off that to-do list by building apps, automating workflows, and extending existing solutions, like Salesforce and Dynamics 365, they already use. How does it work? By allowing you to create and use custom business apps across platforms​ to:

CONNECT to data and systems you’re already using; create the data you need​,

CREATE apps, forms, reports, and workflows without writing code​, and

USE apps on web and mobile.

"We now have the ultimate competitive advantage…a degree of scale that our competition can only dream about."

Jon Meyer CTO, CAPTRUST Financial Advisors

On-Demand Webinar: Rapid Apps, Accelerated Results

In this webinar, you’ll see how the Power Platform adds value to existing systems, including Salesforce, demonstrated by impactful, real-life use cases and success stories. From small and simple to large and complex, the Power Platform delivers solutions rapidly. You don’t have to replace or change your existing applications or systems.

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