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Enterprise collaboration meets relationship intelligence

08 May, 2023

Effective communication and real-time insights are critical for a professional firm’s success

Anyone working in legal, consulting or other professional services sector can probably relate to the frustration of information overload on one hand, and not being able to quickly find and access the right information on the other. We spend a big chunk of our work day looking for data, contracts, documentation, project plans and so on. Not to mention the time we spend finding the colleagues we need to connect and collaborate with.

Modern collaboration platforms can be an amazing enabler for professional services companies, offering one point of access to all tasks and work at hand. But how does this work in practice, and how do we get our teams on board and actually adopt and use the tech?

The shift to remote and hybrid working has been an accelerator for the implementation and adoption of enterprise collaboration tech. And that’s no surprise, since these platform offer:

  1. One platform, a single source of (project) truth) – with regards to budget, time and resources
  2. Access to knowledge, data and project information
  3. A personalized working environment – depending on your role, giving access to all of the above
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Enterprise collaboration meets relationship intelligence

But it's not just inefficiency in finding information that can be a hurdle to success. One of the biggest challenges for professional services firms today is the pressure on business development: building pipeline, strategic bidding, improving win rates.... This is where collaboration technology and relationship intelligence meet.

Modern technology enables intelligent collaboration: being able to find the information you need and have immediate, real-time insights. Who knows whom? How strong is that relationship? How can you leverage that relationship? Who and where are our prospects, white spots and opportunities for cross selling?

To meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, these 4 competencies are critical as a professional service provider:

  1. Consolidated enterprise-wide data
  2. Relationship intelligence, to extra value from the data
  3. Automation, saving professionals a lot of time
  4. Real-time insights to be able to be proactive

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"The challenge for our customers is: how to find the data, how to manage it, how to effectively communicate information and insights, and how to remain a relevant source of information for your customer."

Whit McIsaac, Global Industry Director, HSO

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The HSO approach: full platform technologies for professional services firms

When it comes to digital transformation, as a professional services firm, you need to take a holistic approach. We use a platform approach – unifying and connecting people, processes and data, to bring your employees to the next level of service and delivery that customers expect and demand.

The starting point of our approach is your professional’s every day work: from project manager and consultant to managing director: do you have the tools to do you work as effective and efficient as possible

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, in combination with HSO’s industry IP for the AEC, legal, accounting and consulting industries provide:

  • User friendly applications, ensuring better user adoption
  • Integration with other enterprise platforms, such as ERP
  • A clear view of projects and client relationships: a clear view of client touchpoints, relationships and state of the project
  • Clear view on pipeline and planning

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