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Badly Managed Data – The Danger You Cannot See

Is there wild data running amok in your organisation?

Nobody knows who owns it, or if it’s going to be important when the boss wants to know what the devil’s going on.

Michael Lonnon’s splendid new book, Confessions of a Data Man, is built on over twenty years’ experience of being in the game. It is a jargon-free, eye-opening guide to all the perilous mistakes & challenges data management contains, but also offers suggestions for improving data management in your own business to better know your products, your staff and your customers.

You need to get yourself a copy. Because no one wants to leave themselves exposed to a kick in the company coffers.


HSO Confessions of a Data Man

What’s between the covers…

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    What nobody tells you about data management

    The idea that there is no one-size-fits all solution. The thought that a business can survive without managing their data well. The fact that few people can agree on what’s important about data management. These are some of the things people won’t talk about. These are the dirty secrets. But they don’t need to be…

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    Getting buy-in from the Board

    Take the board to the cinema. Do you remember in school how they used to show you a film adaptation of Shakespeare so you could actually understand what was going on in the books? I wonder if we could do that in the data industry with the film Moneyball. Good data management is basically the hero of the whole thing.

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    Mistakes people make and how to avoid them

    Here’s the problem, though. If you only think in terms of a quick fix to your current customer data, further down the line, without a system in place to organise all the new customer data coming into your business, you could end up back at square one. Things can spiral out of control very quickly…

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    The future of data management

    Are you ready for the “Great data shift”? Data management is evolving all the time and we see evidence of it all around us. Even that tiny independent coffee shop on the corner is now collecting data from its customers to tailor their offering accordingly. The real drivers of the change will always be our customers.

Confessions from those who have read the book

“I’ve read the intro and I’m already hooked” Emily LoweTalk Community Lead

“Well written and easy to read.” Suzanne Coumbaros, Data Governance Director

“A business strategy without data will fail” Doug McConchieHead of Data & Analytics

“Don’t read this book if you already know everything there is to know about data.” Michael Lonnon

“The best cumulative 4 hours I’ve spent on the toilet.” Undisclosed

“If you’re into data, you’ll be into this.” Paul LinehamData & Analytics consultant

“A surprising slant on data from an unlikely source.” Laura Graham-BrownData Strategist

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