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8 ways aec360 empowers a connected AEC firm

Neil Holmes
25 Jul, 2023

AEC firms face increasing competition in a fast-changing market. According to the Hinge Research Institute 2023 High Growth Study for Consultancies, consultancies believe their #1 concern over the next 3 to 5 years is the unpredictability of the marketplace. The study also reports that only 16% of firms have gone through a digital transformation that connects their firm and its core processes. Nearly all those firms are in the “high growth” category.

To thrive in this environment, AEC firms need to be connected, something niche solutions or large, generic systems can’t deliver. aec360 is a comprehensive, best-in-class solution that is purpose-built for AEC firms. aec360 connects marketing, business development, project management, accounting, and human resource management on a Microsoft cloud platform.

aec360 Empowers Connected AEC Firms by:

  • 1

    Increase user adoption

    As a fully integrated ERP solution, aec360 connects all your processes. A single, consistent user experience will increase adoption. As the industry’s broadest business suite designed specifically for AEC firms, aec360 connects everything an AEC firm needs to manage itself, from winning new business to managing people and projects to handling the firm’s complete financial reporting.

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    Increase utilization/billable hours

    Built on Microsoft technology, aec360 is designed to work seamlessly with the Office productivity tools that your employees use all day, like Teams, Outlook, and Excel. Connecting all these applications allows your billable staff to spend more time on client work and less on administrative work.

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    Enhances your business development efforts

    The unmatched breadth of aec360’s integrated modules include Enterprise Relationship Management. ERM gives your staff a “warm” introduction to a prospective client. aec360 scores who in your firm has the strongest connection or relationship with a contact. And with integration into other Microsoft applications like LinkedIn, aec360 also lets you know which of your external contacts has the best relationship with the prospect.

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    Provide unfettered access

    Provide unfettered access by focusing on creating a technology ecosystem that is fully integrated, optimized, and connected. Connected AEC firms give their employees access to their systems anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • 5

    Promote intelligent decision-making

    Real-time decisions need to be supported by real-time information. We’ve designed aec360 ERP software with Connected Insights, connecting you with the real-time data you need to fulfill your business processes directly when & where you need it.

  • 6

    Future-proof your ERP investment

    aec360 is built on Microsoft technology and their flagship ERP, Dynamics 365. Firms using aec360 benefit from Microsoft’s $26B annual investment for R&D, so aec360 clients can rest assured that their ERP system will remain state-of-the-art for years to come.

  • 7

    Fits how you do business

    Each AEC firm is unique, and no firm should abandon its unique advantage just to fit its ERP solution. Microsoft’s Power Platform provides a no code/low code development platform that allows aec360 firms to develop their own automations, workflows, & custom apps without needing advanced programming resources to make the system a perfect fit.

  • 8

    Remain competitive

    aec360 provides a connected platform bringing together a superior user experience, support for smart decision-making, and tools to increase project wins, allowing AEC firms to pivot with the marketplace and address their client’s needs better than the competition.

Discover how aec360 empowers a connected AEC firm to win more work, improve utilization, and maximize growth and stability.

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