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AI and Power Platform Briefing for AEC Firms

Engage with our industry experts to discover what AI and low/no code development can do for your firm in this commitment-free briefing offer from HSO and aec360

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Discover How You Can Transform your AEC Business with Microsoft Power Platform and AI

The AEC industry is rapidly adopting new technologies to improve productivity, collaboration, and insights. Power Platform and AI from Microsoft are essential tools to drive this digital transformation. Schedule a commitment-free call with our experts to discover how your firm can harness built-in AI capabilities to quickly and cost-effectively revolutionize your operations.

What will you gain from this briefing?

Discover what AI Builder and Power Platform can do for your AEC firm

AI Builder

  • Extract insights from construction drawings, permits, contracts, and more. By digitizing documents, AI can help index, search, and extract data.
  • Intelligently recognize objects, text, and data from photos/videos of job sites. This allows automated quality checks, progress monitoring, safety reviews and more.
  • Automate resource demand forecasting with AI Builder’s predictive capabilities. Estimate project resource needs, likely delays, and required budget based on historical data.
  • Simplify report generation with natural language capabilities in Power BI. Ask questions in plain language to automate data queries and insights.

Power Platform

  • Streamline workflows and automate repetitive processes, e.g. sending inspection reports, scheduling tasks, and updating project plans.
  • Enhance productivity on the go with custom-mobile apps to capture jobsite information, safety incidents, quality checks, and more.
  • Gain real-time project insights with AI-powered dashboards: monitor projects, track progress and budgets, forecast timelines, and optimize resource allocation.
  • Use intelligent chatbots and virtual agents to handle common data inquiries around marketing, HR, and regulatory compliance without human intervention.

What can your firm gain with Power Platform and AI Builder?

  • Improved project efficiency and collaboration through standardized, automated processes
  • More data-driven decisions based on real-time project insights
  • Automation of mundane, repetitive tasks to free workers to focus on critical thinking
  • Optimized resource allocation and utilization powered by predictive AI
  • Enhanced client service and stakeholder experiences

With Power Virtual Agents, AEC firms can quickly deploy AI-powered bots to engage stakeholders while freeing up employees for higher-value work, driving higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Our AI and low-code for AEC firms briefing offer for AEC firms

Generative AI Briefing

Why AI?

  • AI represents a long-term transformation strategy shaping the future of the AEC industry

What will you gain?

  • Distinguish between the reality of AI and marketing buzz
  • The current state of Generative AI
  • How the AEC industry is approaching Generative AI
  • How Microsoft is approaching Generative AI
  • How does a firm get started

Benefits of AI for your firm today:

  • Improved productivity and better efficiencies from marketing through project operations
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Quality control
  • Cost efficiencies

Power Platform Briefing

Why Power Platform?

  • Low-code/no-code solutions that can address your firm's pressing needs right now

What will you gain?

  • Explore how to automate manual processes across your business
  • Discover how to connect and consolidate data
  • Understand how to build tailored apps without extensive coding skills
  • Explore cost-effective solutions for digital change

Benefits of low-code for your firm today:

  • Manage projects, schedules, and budgets efficiently
  • Leverage data analytics and real-time insights
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among cross-functional teams
  • Grow and adapt as your firm evolves

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Request your no-commitment briefing with HSO to learn more about how low-code generative AI tools can help your AEC firm become more efficient today and into the future.

This session will be customized to your firm's needs and designed to educate your team on how AEC firms can benefit from AI and low-code development today, including specific examples of how firms like yours are using these tools to get ahead.

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