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Accounting Software for Non-Profits Helps You Protect Your Funding with Financial Responsibility and Transparency

Petra Eimiller
15 Sep, 2021

Every non-profit struggles with money. Budgets are tight, and in a grant- and fund-driven world, your finances must be reportable and transparent. Grantors and donors have strict demands around how dollars are used, and if you can’t show you are complying, you risk losing them.

The trouble is that each donor and grantor has different requirements, which makes the job much harder. Add to that the fact that many non-profits are trying to do the job with manual processes or outdated, siloed technology, and the difficulty increases even more.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and implemented by a global, award-winning partner, HSO's finance and accounting solutions provide the tools you need to manage funds, grants, and donations in a single, integrated, secure, cloud application for optimal cost recovery. Here is a quick overview of the benefits to be gained from this comprehensive accounting software for non-profits:

Accelerate effectiveness by improving decision making across your entire organization—regardless of geography—through a single source of truth for data that supports compliance and detailed, timely transparency in both internal and external reporting to donors. You can easily monitor audit trails to document the “who, what, when, and why” of each and every transaction.

Increase responsiveness and scale with the ability to make faster, smarter decisions. You’ll also improve program planning and budgeting by providing timely, accurate data on spending and program status.

Make the best use of resources possible by eliminating manual processes wherever possible. This frees up resources to be used in other places where they can help advance your mission. You can also reduce training time and increase user adoption while empowering your employees and volunteers.

Support your research and development efforts by taking advantage of dashboards, workflows, and a configurable, user-friendly interface to view centralized data.


Advance your mission by winning the cost and efficiency battle

HSO offers an entire suite of connected solutions for non-profits - powered by Microsoft technology - that address the challenges faced by most non-profits, including Case Management, Constituent Management, Finance & Accounting, Fundraising & Engagement, and Supply Chain Management. Watch this brief video to learn more about our flexible platform for non-profits:

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